's Digital Edge launches virtual betting on networking sites Team

(9 June 2009 9:30 pm)


MUMBAI:, a website dedicated to play, win and create contest, has launched Cricket Bookie, a social networking application on Orkut, Facebook and MySpace.

The virtual betting application Cricket Bookie allows users to bet on everything exciting and unpredictable about cricket matches.


Apart from the obvious bet such as, "who will win the match?" or "which country will win the cup?", users can place live bets on "how many sixes will be hit in the over?" or "what will happen on the first ball on the match?"

Users can also compete with friends and others bettors across social networks over a game they are passionate about. COO Raj Menon says, "Cricket Bookie is a great application for users to put their virtual money where their mouth is. The guaranteed adrenaline of betting and the excitement of betting against friends - Cricket Bookie is a great way for users to indulge in predictions and leaves them looking forward to watching each match."
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