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TV leads Internet and newspapers in attracting movie goers: report Team

(9 June 2009 9:25 pm)


MUMBAI: TV has gradually taken up a leadership position over the print media in attracting movie buffs, suggests a research initiative carried out by, a social networking portal dedicated to movie enthusiasts. The research aims to gain insights into the movie viewing behaviour (MVB) of the Indian youth.

According to the research, 78 per cent of the audience are passive information receptor on movies since they are exposed to exhaustive movie promotions by different media while the remaining 22 per cent are active information seekers.


Referring to the information tools, the results suggested that 80 per cent was being targeted by television followed by 11 per cent by print media, four per cent via Internet, three per cent family influence and one per cent each by radio trailers respectively.


"A key factor of this exercise was to gain proprietary intellect in the most effective platform of communication with the target groups. Though the television and the print media have upsurged other avenues, internet is on a sure-steady pace to gain a respectable third slot. We foresee dynamic competition between the television media and the Internet medium within the next two years," says CEO Pritam Roy.

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