Portfolio Entertainment inks deals with multiple broadcasters

Portfolio Entertainment inks deals with multiple broadcasters

MUMBAI: Toronto-based Portfolio Entertainment cruises into next week?s television trade event Mipcom with nearly a dozen recently signed broadcast deals with territories spanning the globe for programming across multiple genres including lifestyle, animal, children?s, culinary, travel and how-to series.

Portfolio Entertainment director of sales and acquisitions Jon Rutherford says, "The growth of our sales this past year is due in part to the diversity of our current slate of programming. We are committed to acquiring even more new series in a variety of genres in the months ahead".

Discovery Asia (Japan) renewed the second and third seasons of Animal Miracles.

The Pet Network (Canada) has acquired 26 hour-long episodes of Top Dogs. This is a series featuring canines of all sizes, shapes and breeds as they compete in spectacular events worldwide.

Canal + / Domo TV (Poland) is the first in line for the first season of Mansions. The series provides a glimpse into the world of high-stakes wheeling, dealing, designing and building of multi-million dollar homes.

Astro Xpresi (Indonesia) set its sights on all 26 half-hours of Workforce. This is a career exploration series designed to help young people make educated decisions about their future careers.

City7 TV (Hungary) purchased all 26 half-hours of Campus Vets which details dramatic tales of students and animal patients; all 26 half-hours of Workforce the career exploration series for tweens; the first season of French Food At Home.

Here host Laura Calder articulates the philosophy of French cooking with passion; and all five seasons of Chef At Large featuring Chef Michael Smith as he travels to meet other skilled chefs, investigates their amazing, diverse kitchens and documents their unique and challenging worlds.

OutTV?s Netherlands channel picked up a full order of Bump!, an international travel series targeting the sights, culture and cuisine of gay-friendly locales.

Telemundo (Puerto Rico) picked up 26 half-hours of Heads Up!. This is an astronomy series that takes children and tween viewers beyond the basics of the Big Dipper and the Moon, and introduces them to the magical content and practical context of the universe.

Civitel (Chile) sets off on a journey with the DVD rights for all 26 half-hour episodes of the animated children?s adventure series Toad Patrol.

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