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Disney to launch Nach to the Groove Team
(27 March 2008 4:00 pm)

MUMBAI: Following the popularity of inter school dance competition 'High School Musical', Disney Channel is launching Nach to the Groove, an initiative to engage the tween audiences in dance and song.

Disney Channel has roped in the young dance whiz-kid, Kabir Arora to teach the audience how to groove on various Bollywood hits. At the start of each segment choreographer, Shiamak Davar will providee finer nuances of the art.

Kabir along with eight other kids will then demonstrate dance moves.

Walt Disney Television International (India) SVP and MD Antoine Villeneuve said, "Disney Channel reflects the lives of the tweens and their aspirations. Nach to the Groove is based on Disney Channel's creative idioms - follow your dreams, believe in yourself and express yourself. Nach to the Groove will inspire Disney Channel audiences to discover their passion for dance and help them to learn a few moves from the experts."

To be aired on Disney Channel this summer, Nach to the Groove is a natural extension of the channel's programming philosophy of being a part of real kids' lives and inspiring them to realise their dreams. Disney Channel's TV movies such as Jump in, Cheetah Girls, High School Musical and popular series like Hannah Montana, use dance and music to connect with the tween audiences worldwide.

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