Sony to launch fantasy series Arslaan on 13 July

Sony to launch fantasy series Arslaan on 13 July

MUMBAI: Sony Entertainment Television (Set) is experimenting with a fantasy-based show to fill its Sunday prime time slot ahead of the movies.

Arslaan will air at 7 pm beginning 13 July while Sony telecasts its big movies at 8 pm. Presently the channel shows repeats of its current shows on Sunday at 7 pm.

Set AVP Danish Khan says, "We are launching fantasy series Arslaan on 13 July, every Sunday at 7 pm."

The fantasy series is produced by Sagar Arts.

With the fantasy show, the channel is aiming to create a super hero in the country.

"We want to make Arslaan a popular super hero throughout India," says Khan.

To promote Arslaan, Set has already launched an interactive microsite dedicated to the show. The microsite has special features like ‘Arslaan‘ weapons, games, videos and wallpapers.

Set 3000 years back, Arslaan is an underdog by nature who gradually realises that he has magical powers. The hero grows up with the skilled students of this school of magic, enhancing his own skills with time. In due course of time he finds his mission in life, which is to fight against evil and save the human race.

With his abilities he overcomes the wickedness of the evil lord ‘Zaakfaar‘. In the process Arsalaan is helped by his friends like Rudabeh and Shefaan.

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