Krishnaswamy's 'Indian Imprints' explores India across South Asia

Krishnaswamy's 'Indian Imprints' explores India across South Asia

NEW DELHI: S Krishnaswamy, who is known for films like Indus Valley to Indira Gandhi and India 5555, said that his new series, Indian Imprints, is aimed at exploring the spread of Indian culture all over South Asia since ancient times. Indian Imprints is currently being telecast on Doordarshan?s international channel DD India and DD Bharati.

In a short chat after the screening of a 90-minute film of excerpts from the 18-episode series, Dr Krishnaswamy told that India had not paid adequate attention to exploring this "glorious relationship" between India and the rest of Asia.

Krishnaswamy and the series producer Dr Mohana Krishnaswamy, fascinated by the subject, had conceived of a documentary film on this aspect of Indian history. However, they made a TV documentary serial under the banner of Krishnaswamy Associates, Chennai, funded by Prasar Bharati.

Though initially planned for 24 episodes, the series was reduced to eighteen episodes, leaving Dr Krishnaswamy with a lot of material which he had shot but not used.

However, he is now making a separate documentary film on the subject, where he hopes to use the material which could not be put in the TV series. The documentary is expected to be beamed on the national channel DD One shortly.

When asked why this cultural exchange had died down some centuries earlier, he said that the only logic he could see was the fact that India had become a colonial country and therefore the freedom of movement became restricted. He felt that the ancient cultural ties could form the basis for abiding ties with these countries.

But he further elaborated the above statement saying that ancient India had a profound impact on the rest of Asia. Hinduism and Buddhism as well as concepts of architecture, aesthetics, dance, music and mythology spread from India to several Asian countries.

The five chosen countries covered in this 18-episode TV serial are Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. Hundreds of ancient monuments and temples reflecting the profound ancient Indian impact are presented.

Produced by Dr Mohana Krishnaswamy, written and directed by Dr S. Krishnaswamy, with Prof. Lokesh Chandra as the consultant, and photographed by award-winning Cinematographer Madhu Ambat, Indian Imprints has been filmed in over 100 locations.

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