MipTV announces winners of Content 360 competition

MipTV announces winners of Content 360 competition

MUMBAI: MipTV has announced the 10 winners of the 2008 Content 360 competition, which rewards outstanding interactive and multi-platform content. The contest took place in Cannes on 10 April.

Digital commissioners from Content 360?s partners such as the BBC, the Korean Broadcasting and Communications Commission (BCC), the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) and OgilvyInteractive Worldwide selected the 10 winners from 27 short-listed producers and designers across the competition?s eight categories.

Poltergeist 360 from Shoal Media (UK) has won the title in Mass Participation Fiction & Entertainment of BBC category. The winning project will be given a ?15,000 development contract with the BBC.

In the New IPTV Concepts category of BBC, Krishna Stott of Bellyfeel Limited (UK) was announced winner for Interactive Programme Templates. This project will also get a ?15,000 development contract with the BBC.

Gail Dudleston and Matt Pallatt of Twentysix Leeds (UK) won the Advanced Mobile Interaction with TV Content (BBC category) for their project Coded Vision. David Eccles and Tom Evans of Numiko (UK) won the prize in New Forms of Web-based Audio and Video Aggregation BBC category for Micro Stations.

In the Multi-Platform Projects Suitable for International Co-production on Cultural or Natural Heritage category of BCC, Tom Cunningham and Dorigen Hammond of Metadigita Limited (UK) won the award for B4 Mobile. The project will receive a ?10,000 development award from BCC.

In Cross-Media Formats for Children including DMB or Interactive TV category, Inpyo Hong and Kyung Jo Min of BD Corea (Korea) gets the award for Mimi and Dada?s Art Odyssey. It will receive ?10,000 development award from BCC.

In Multi-platform Co-production on Human Rights category of NFB, Bronwyn Berry and Stan Joseph from Ochre Media (South Africa) has won for Relate. The winning producer will receive a co-production development deal from the NFB, which will include up to ?5,000 in development funding.

In Ogilvy Interactive Category, Rachelle Boyle from Australia wins for Using the Power of the Brand for the Power of Good for project Fanta?s Heroes. Boyle will receive a partnership deal for an Ogilvy Group UK client project valued at minimum ?10,000.

Ogilvy Entertainment US will award two surprise partnership deals for an Ogilvy Group US client project valued at $5000. Australian Marissa Cooke wins it for Expressions of Kindness and Okuhle Media?s (South Africa) Paula Brown and Karyn Romero for Young Ambassadors.

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