Sony to launch daily soap Sujata at 10 pm

Sony to launch daily soap Sujata at 10 pm

NEW DELHI: Beefing up its prime time, Sony Entertainment Television (Set) has announced a new show Sujata which is produced by BR Films.

The daily show will start beaming from 14 April at 10 pm and will replace the currently running reality series, Ustadon Ke Ustad.

The 10 pm slot has seen a lot of reshuffling of shows since the last one month. Tujhko Hai Salaam Zindegi was first shifted from 8 pm to 10 pm, shortly after which the show was taken off air.

The slot was then filled with Mr and Ms TV, a short term reality series which was then followed by Ustaadon Ke Ustaad.

Sony Entertainment Television creative head Sanjay S Upadhyay said, "As per the avialable figures, Sony isn‘t doing too well in the fiction category but we are confident that Sujata can turn the tables for us. We are already getting a good response from the advertisers for this content."

Sujata is an adaptation of Piel De Otono, a Mexican soap opera produced by Televista. It tells the story of a woman, who gets married, looks after her children but by the time she‘s in her 40s, she is going through a mid-life crisis. With all the sacrifices she‘s made for her family, her husband and children start ignoring her when she needs them the most.

"We didn‘t need to go too far from the family drama genre. You don‘t need to do things radically different in order to get recognition. With serials currently running in the other channels at this time band losing ratings, I feel we could bring about a shift in the audience to our channel," added Upadhyay.

According to the Producer of the series, Ravi Chopra, the cost of making one episode of the serial is Rs 800,000 and the initial contract runs for 208 episodes (1 year).

"I‘m very excited with the way the concept has shaped up. Our expectations have been met. We, at B R Films, have always tried to put a message on our films and serials for our viewers and Sujata has a strong message," said Chopra.

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