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WOWtv launches in Singapore Team

(29 October 2007 6:00 pm)


MUMBAI: Singapore’s latest broadband entertainment services provider, WOWtv, has announced the official launch of its service.

It offers viewers a personalised media experience through broadband streaming channels that can be accessed via four different platforms: web, set-top box, portable media player and 3G.


Wowtv is on-demand entertainment powered by a broadband platform that enables an interactive entertainment experience anytime, anywhere. Viewers get an all access pass to movies and entertainment programmes which they can watch whenever they want and as many times as they want.

This innovation allows all Wowtv users the convenience of sharing their viewing experience with their family and friends, without the limitations of pre-programmed schedules. Viewers will also be able to view advertisements that are targeted specifically to their needs.

Wowtv CEO Michael Toh says, "This marks the start of an exciting era for WOWtv and Singapore – Wowtv is more than just a provider of entertainment; it serves as a lifestyle companion to all our viewers. With Wowtv, viewers are given the choice and flexibility to bring entertainment out of the living room to wherever they go."


Wowtv features over 50 channels of programming across all genres, including movie blockbusters, Asian dramas and variety shows, travel, lifestyle, fashion, edutainment, sports and more. Aside from programming, online games and e-commerce services are also available.

All subscribers to Wowtv have instant access to over 25 channels of entertainment across genres on the free tier. Premium programming is also available to subscribers in two membership tiers: the Basic tier, which allows members to access an additional 16 channels at S$40 a year and Value tier, which consists of a host of a la carte channels and current premium pay-per-view movies.

Toh adds, "Today’s consumer is spoilt for choice in the world of multi-platform entertainment. With this in mind, we have taken great care in choosing content that will cater to a wide range of audiences from different age groups, providing them with a variety of programs spanning across multiple genres that can be viewed across our four different platforms."

Wowtv has established licensed content agreements with major content providers, including Sony Pictures Television International, Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) and Videofashion Network. It is also set to achieve a milestone in broadband entertainment by unveiling Singapore’s first-ever Web Jockey, who will introduce viewers to the latest movies and series shown on Wowtv.

The service can be accessed via web, set-top box, portable media player and 3G with any broadband internet connection, offering quality streaming content to viewers. To date, Wowtv claims to have more than 20,000 registered subscribers, achieved over an eight week soft launch period.

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