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Geo TV blackout: no telecast of Indo-Pak series Team

(8 November 2007 9:00 pm)


MUMBAI: Pakistani broadcaster Geo TV is at the receiving end of the ongoing political emergency imposed by the Musharraf regime.


The channel which had entered into a feed-sharing agreement with public broadcaster PTV for the ongoing India-Pakistan cricket series, has been blacked out by the government.

Geo TV had earlier bought the exclusive TV and radio rights from Nimbus for all BCCI (Board of control for cricket in India) cricket till 2010.

While it was able to telecast the first match of the ODI series, PTV has reportedly scrapped its agreement with Geo.

TV viewers in Pakistan have not been able to watch the the second ODI match at Mohali.

"We had acuired airtime of PTV for the entire series. They got our loaded feed for the first ODI. But now PTV has backed out of the agreement with us," said a source in Geo TV.

Geo TV officials are now planning to seek international help to protect their rights. "We are writing to the BCCI and ICC, explaining our situation. Such issues are harmful for those who have made a commitment in acquiring long term cricket rights," the source added.

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