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Sahara One launches 'Doli Saja Ke' on father-daughter relationship Team

(5 May 2007 2:10 pm)


NEW DELHI: Sahara One TV has announced the launch of its new serial Doli Saja Ke, to start from Monday, a soap on how a girl child - Anupama became her father's eyesore because her mother died the day she was born, and how she grows up in hatred and how Prince Charming comes along and takes her to the happily-ever-after dreamland.

In a press conference that started one and half hours beyond schedule, the Sahara One Programme Head Kalyan Sundaram started off by saying: "This only seems to be a regressive story, but it is only the beginning is regressive and the story is actually extremely progressive."

Sundaram said that this was Sagara One's fifth offering in the first phase, and in the second phase they would go into non-fiction, adding that over the past few months, "the channel's TRP ratings have shot up dramatically".

In the freewheeling dialogue between - mostly - producer Aroona Irani and the media, she was asked repeatedly whether this is not a stereotype that women are always portrayed as the mnhoos, the accursed, the ruinor of families, etc., but she said that this is what really happens in many cases.

Asked how much she has borrowed from the old Hindi classic "Anupama", she said the basic theme could have certain similarities but "it is entirely different,"

One major challenge came when a rather pushy scribe alleged that the actor playing the role Vikramjeet Kapoor, Anupama's father, Anuj Saxena has left the project even before the show has gone on air, and another ator has replaced him, Iranu said that Saxena has not really left but is having other offers and the channel, Irani herself and he are tyring to work out how to still manage his assignments for Doli…

The scribe then sprang another surprise, alleging that even the second actor who had 'replaced' Saxena had also left after some scenes being shot.

Irani, who was taking this barrage with cool, suddenly said whoever was saying this is a "lier", and clarified that Saxena's "possible replacement" has been chosen and screen tested, but not a singles shot for the serial with him as Anupama's father has been taken so far.

"If for some reason Anuj cannot manage both assignments and has to leave, then we shall replace him, but so far, no one has actually left," Irani asserted.

She explained that in serials this is common and "no one force an actor to stay on and do a serial, because then his heart is elsewhere and he is doing the shoot merely for the sake of is."

Irani parried another tricky question about her previous serials, "Mehndi tere naam ki", and "Desh main nikla hoga chaand" doing good business, and yet the productions after them (Vadehi) not quite creating ripples, stating that even the best of super hit film directors cannot guarantee success all the time.

"This show (Doli…) is fantastic and it should do well, but god forbid, if it does not, well then we shall pack up our bags… after all, everyone is here to make money, not to lose it," she said.

She was also asked why she quits serials in between and starts acting in films and then takes up other serials, especially this being her second coming in Sahara One. So was she half-hearted, mercurial and not really professional?

Irani said that acting was her first love, a bee that once it gets into the bonnet stays put there for life.

"So when I get a chance to act, I can rarely resist. But having said that, yes, I have left serials when I could not manage to give my best due to excessive pressure of many assignments together. But that is part of the game, it happens all the time."

So far, the serial has been planned for one year or 208 episodes. "But this may be extended if you people love the programme and the story would be extended, as it happens in all soaps," Irani said.

The issue of the women being portrayed as evils of society cropped up repeatedly, and Irani joked and said: "Why is it that you say nothing when in the big screen all the evils shown are always men?"

She held, however, on a more theoretical note: "Soaps are mostly about families and the family is basically women, who stay at home. Outsider men cannot enter that in any manner, so it is all about them and their intrigues."

She denied that all these 'evil women in serials' are being imitated and increasing social and familial crises. "If you are Hema Malini, and on seeing you, I want to become Hema Malini… does it work that way? A person has his or her own basic characters, and they are not changed because you watch someone being bad.

Unlike announcements in most serials, where producers are tight lipped about the likely ending, Irani let slip her storyline.

The teaser ad for the serial poses the question that given that Anupama's father always hated her, would he give her a blessed send off when she gets married.

Though this would be the 'anxiety' which would purportedly keep the audience glued to the series, Irani said suddenly, "Yes he will… which is why this is such a different story!"

The cast:

Anupama: Barkha Bisht

Vikramjeet Kapoor (her father) Anuj Saxena

Maya Kapoor (her step mother) Jaya Mathur

Director: Pawan Sahu

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