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Animal Planet travels around the world to explore fauna and flaura Team

(27 September 2006 2:00 pm)


MUMBAI: Animal Planet will take viewers on a wild voyage around the world through its series Around The World In 14 Weeks. Viewers will experience the widest variety of flaura and fauna across continents as they travel from Indian subcontinent to Sahara, Europe, Africa, and America.

The 14 episode show airs every Tuesday at 9 pm with a repeat every Saturday at 8 pm.

One episode is called Fighting Bears Of The Punjab Airing. Bear baiting is big business in rural Pakistan, despite being illegal for over a century, but changes are now afoot by the World Society for the Protection of Animals to confiscate all bears used in baiting events. But this is no easy task, as the major promoters of these events are rich rural landowners who wield enormous power in Pakistan. This programme traces the history of the Qalandars and the Black Bears, as well as the dramatic events as WSPA workers, aided by the Pakistani Army, attempt to rescue bears and relocate them to a safety.

Dream Team: Prince Of Camels provides a behind-the-scenes look at the magical world of a young Bedouin in love with camel racing. Sixteen years old Rahma grew up in a large family who, not so long ago regularly traveled hundreds of miles on camel-back. Although all-terrain vehicles have replaced the traditional mount, the camel remains a sacred beast for Rahma.

In Ireland - Sculpted Isle the channel reveals Ireland's dramatic nature through iconic landmarks and natural history. From the basalt columns of the Giant's Causeway to the rugged beauty of the Blarney stone, from the polished limestone of the Burren to the lush, green pastures of County Kildare, each place has a story and resonance through history. Different landscape, different wildlife, different cultural past and a different face of modern life, come together to tell a single story - Ireland's story.

In Lost Crocodiles Of The Pharaohs viewers can join the search for the elusive crocodiles of the ancient River Nile. Despite their revered status in ancient Egypt, the crocodiles of the upper Nile were hunted into extinction by the 1800's and the Pharaoh's crocodiles were lost forever. Or so it was thought, until reports emerged of sightings of crocodiles in unexpected locations on the fringe of the Sahara desert, a small lake in Mali and a cave in Chad. Animal Planet explores if these are the direct descendents of the Pharaoh's crocodiles? How could they survive in the desert?

Lost Elephants Of Timbuktu goes into the heart of the Sahara Desert. A herd of elephants emerge from behind a wind-swept sand dune. They are completely isolated from other African elephants and trudge 700 miles each year to find food and water. This progamme tracks them to uncharted lands and reveals their relationship with the Tuareg, a nomadic people who have shared the elephants' migration route for centuries.

In Search Of The Giant Anaconda looks at the Green anaconda. It is the heaviest bodied snake in the world. It can grow six times longer than the average man, weigh eight times as much, and stay underwater for up to ten minutes at a time. Austin Steven, South African photographer and adventurer, travels to Amazon in search of the wild anaconda in the water and attempts to bring it to land. It is Steve's most perilous photographic assignment so far.

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