Goldman, Sachs to finance Weinstein's new film company

MUMBAI: A couple of months after announcing their decision to leave Disney and by extension Miramax by September movie mavericks Harvey and Bob Weinstein have announced a deal with Goldman, Sachs & Co.


As per the agreement the investment banking firm will provide The Weinstein Company with an equity investment and a debt financing commitment. The two firms will work closely together over the coming months to officially launch The Weinstein Company in October 2005. The brothers said, "We are thrilled with this important relationship that provides us with the resources to produce and market the exciting slate of films that we have planned. We look forward to getting to work."

The brothers have said they hope to raise $1 billion as they build up their firm which will first focus on movies and later could branch into the internet and other digital media. The The Goldman loan has been estimated to be in the region of $100 million.



Meanwhile The Weinstein Company has acquired the US distribution rights to three films- Decameron, Last Legion and Young Hannibal which have all been produced by the legendary Dino de Laurentiis.

These three films have a combined budget of $185 million. Decameron directed

by David Leland, stars Hayden Christensen Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith and Mischa Barton

in a tale of romance, passion and adventure amongst Italian nobles during the time of the Florentine Plague. Last Legion stars Colin Firth and Ben Kingsley and will start production in

August. It's the epic tale of a warrior named Aurelius who must protect the young Caesar when ancient Rome falls to the Goths. Young Hannibal is the prequel to the famous Hannibal

Lecter series.

It tells the story of the formative years of Hannibal Lecter, revealing the origins of the now legendary character. Young Hannibal is

based on the upcoming book Behind the Mask by Thomas Harris.

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