Infocus targets home projector market in India with Screenplay launch

MUMBAI: Experience the big picture! InFocus which specialises in digital projection technology and solutions has announced that it has brought its line of ScreenPlay home projectors to India. The company has announced that Adonis Electronics which has 184 service centers will be its sales partner in India.

Speaking on the occasion Infocus marketing manager Asia Pacific Wee Yep Yin says, "We have been in India for 10 years but so far we have concentrated on projectors for businesses like corporations, hospitals and educational institutions. Now with the Indian economy growing and consumer purchasing power on the up we feel that the demand for home projectors will grow. Our main target is the movie loving audience. The advantage that our home projectors offer over Plasma TVs and LCD TVs is that they are mobile. It is an excellent tool to have if one was to invite family and friends over.

?Home theatre is not seen on a 50 inch screen. It is experienced through large images which you can only get through projectors. Imagine getting cricket matches and movies on screens measured not in inches but in feet. You do not have to go out anywhere for this. This can be done at home. In the Asia region China and Korea are key markets. For the Asia Pacific region we have witnessed a 20 per cent growth in business volume. Unlike typical business projectors, ScreenPlay projectors are optimised for video. So you get the smoothest, most film-like experience available. We believe that the power and exhilaration of a home theater is something a videophile, with a passion for eye-popping entertainment, simply won?t compromise."

There are four products in the home projector segment ? Infocus ScreenPlay 777, ScreenPlay 7210 which create a home cinema and theatre experience as well as the Screenplay 4805 and ScreenPlay 5000. While the last two models are more affordable the first two target the very affluent.

A DVD player, cable line, gaming console can be plugged into these products. The ScreenPlay 4805 projector gives a screen width that is up to nine feet. Yip says that the products are aimed at giving the effect that the characters on screen take on real-life size. The 4805 product has an optical zoom lens that enables the user to adjust the huge image to fit virtually any size screen from any location, in perfect focus and clarity. Native 16:9 widescreen format gives movie-theatre proportions. So the user has a big, bright, high-resolution image that compliments the surround sound and DVD.

The ScreenPlay 4805 uses native 16:9 DarkChip2T DLPT technology from Texas Instruments, the only display solution that creates an entirely digital connection between a source and the screen in front of the user. Academy-Award-Winning Enhanced Faroudja DCDi Video Processing ? The images are produced with ultimate fidelity: clear and artifact-free, without those jagged lines one sees on some large-format displays.

The 777 is being pushed as being of the highest level and the company claims that if offers cinema standard brightness for screens upto 15 feet wide that rivals the digital capability and image quality of Hollywood screening rooms. The ScreenPlay 777?s optical architecture is aimed at delivering brightness and contrast that works particularly well with HD broadcasts. While this technology has not yet come to India Yin says that with HD DVDs coming in the near future this is something the user can take advantage of. The only thing with all the products is that if the television cable signal is weak then the image will be of an equally poor quality. Therefore home projectors work best for television viewing if one gets digital TV like DTH.

The 777?s increased-contrast pixel design expands on the already high-contrast DLP technology from Texas Instruments adding up to the highest contrast possible anywhere. The combination of the Mustang HD2 DLP chip and the enhanced FLI2310 DCDi from Faroudja represent the best of 17th generation DLP engines from InFocus. Sophisticated InFocus ScreenPlay signal correction software offers a bright, vivid image.

The enhanced DCDi video deinterlacer from Faroudja delivers progressive scan video with enhanced noise reducers, colour enhancers and a unique 2:2 pull down for, with virtually non-existent scan lines and no discernable flicker.

InFocus states that the ScreenPlay 7210 raises the bar when it comes to smooth, film-like projection from virtually any video source. The 7210 banishes video image stuttering, scan lines, flicker and image artifacts. Another advancement in the video performance is an InFocus-developed 48Hz film mode, which can detect DVD movies originally shot at 48 frames per second and will display them in their original speed, so there is no need for frame rate conversion.

The InFocus ScreenPlay 7210 comes with eight user-selectable video sources for connectivity to the full range of devices enjoyed by the home theater enthusiast, including VCRs, DVDs, component and RGB HDTV, EDTV, standard TV, computers. With its future-ready HDMI and DVI inputs, the InFocus ScreenPlay 7210 is compatible with the equipment you have now and will be compatibility with next-generation devices and sources.

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