Magivweb unveils new IPTV broadcasting system in US

MUMBAI: The US-based web technology firm MAgicweb Inc. has launched its EnterVision Broadcasting System, a proprietary, real-time broadcasting system for television transmission delivery via IPTV (Internet protocol television transmission).

The technology is similar to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), which provides the ability to make telephone calls over the Internet using conventional telephones, the company states in an official release.

Unlike VoIP, however, there are no FCC regulations for the transmission of television or radio signals utilizing the IPTV format, says the company. And, unlike existing "streaming video" technology that utilizes packet-switched data transmissions and requires users to have dedicated programs to "play" video files, the EnterVision technology allows television broadcast quality 30.3 frames-per-second video to be transmitted on a real-time basis utilizing discrete JPEG files, the release adds.

Says Magicweb CEO Herbert Becker, "Our cutting-edge technology raises the threshold for what will be considered to be 'acceptable' standards for video applications utilizing Internet transmission protocols. There has been a demand from the public for our technology and I am proud to say we are ready to roll it out."

With the ability to transmit analog, digital and HDTV broadcast signals utilizing conventional computer networks, commercial applications for the technology include local and network broadcasting; remote video transmission as a replacement for or as a supplement to satellite transmission; real-time videoconferencing throughout the U.S. and internationally; and commercial, industrial, and governmental security and surveillance applications.

For homes, the EnterVision Broadcasting System can provide video-on-demand and video security surveillance without the need for specialized decoder boxes, utilizing only a home computer and broadband Internet access.

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