Hello! Japan to debut in Singapore on 25 Feb; India to get the channel later

Hello! Japan to debut in Singapore on 25 Feb; India to get the channel later


MUMBAI: J Food & Culture TV (JFCTV), which has Dentsu as one of the investors, is launching an international entertainment channel with popular Japanese content.

Hello! Japan will first launch in Singapore on 25 February, after which it will move to other markets including India.

Apart from Dentsu, JFCTV investors include Nippon Television Network Corporation, TV Asahi Corporation, Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, TV Tokyo, Singapore Media Alliance, Imagica Robot, Hokkaido Television Broadcasting and Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions.

Hello! Japan will be distributed to 11 countries and territories in the Asia Pacific region including Indonesia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Vietnam, India, Korea and Taiwan.

Emerging markets in the Asean region are showing remarkable economic growth, and countries outside the region that are aiming to enter this marketplace are focusing on ways to increase their presence in the region in order to boost the brand image of their corporations as well as the number of travelers coming into their countries.

The export of broadcast content is regarded as a strategic move to promote awareness and understanding of a culture which can increase the degree of positive feelings toward that country. In the midst of intensifying competition, Japan must continue to provide high-quality, versatile content to the global marketplace.

The Japanese content currently being broadcast around the world is either content purchased individually by overseas broadcasting stations or the NHK World TV (English) and NHK World Premium (Japanese) programs. There are, however, no channels broadcasting over a wide area that have a Japanese company or companies at their core.

Against such a backdrop, Dentsu and the JFCTV investors launched this project to both increase the market for Japanese content and enhance the presence of Japan in other countries. This is the first time that several media content companies in Japan have collaborated to integrate and edit content for distribution overseas.

Moreover, the establishment of a comprehensive entertainment TV channel by a Japanese company to deliver variety and music programs to audiences overseas is expected to provide logistical support for Japanese companies as they accelerate their globalisation. Television commercials and events that are linked to program content, for example, can be used to increase the synergistic effects of advertising communications.

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