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OML launches Festivapp Team

(16 October 2012 6:00 pm) 


MUMBAI: Only Much Louder, the organiser of music festival NH7, has launched a mobile festival guide app called ‘Festivapp’. It is currently available as a free download on the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.

The app allows one to discover a cultural, literary, music or film festival/event in India and attend them.

Only Much Louder CEO and founder Vijay Nair said, “Music should be given away for free, and bands and artists should earn through events and live shows, and that the revenue earned from music sales can be matched with a few concerts.”

The app includes a festival wall which offers a stream of updates being posted from that specific event. These updates include organiser announcements, updates from their friends, and event related updates syndicated from social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram. The wall also features a pull-to-refresh feature and has a countdown clock that counts down to the start of the festival in days, hours and minutes.