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Rohit Sharma to join social utility website Team

( 19 March 2012 2:30 pm )


MUMBAI: Batsman Rohit Sharma has joined, a social utility website and is based on invite only.

Whosay, which has Creative Artists Agency (CAA) and among its investors, has an array of celebrities across Hollywood, Bollywood, Music and Art.

Whosay helps celebrities monitor their presence on social media. "By far Rohit is the first active Indian Cricketer on and is pretty much active on the site," the company said.

In addition to photo and video hosting, the services include automated copyright branding and a private mobile app allowing the social media updates to be easily controlled. With one click of a button, celebrities can update their Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr and Tencent accounts all at once.

Whosay runs from the Los Angeles & New York office building of the CAA.


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