Scooby-Doo goes crackers over Krackjack

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By Team Posted on : 14 Sep 2001 04:36 pm

It's a krackjack of an idea. Cookies (biscuits in India) and kids go together. Ditto with kids and Cartoon Network in India. The channel has an immense cachet with Indian kids. The managers of biscuits major Parle Products and the kid's channel have decided to marry, in a bid to cash in on each others' brand franchise. 

The wrapper of each of Parle's Krackjack biscuits will feature that lovable, brave but confused dog Scooby Doo. And not only that: kids will get a freebie in the form of a Scooby-Doo sticker and tatoo everytime they buy a 75 gram Krackjack pack. 

The stickers and tattoos come in more than 50 varieties. The purpose of this is that kids who identify with the character will be interested in starting their own collection. Says Parle Products marketing manager Pravin Kulkarni: "We are confident that the combination of Cartoon Network's hugely popular Scooby-Doo and Parle's Krackjack biscuits will boost our volumes".

However, there is a rider attached: the offer is open till stocks last. So one can expect a lot of kids sending parents crackers demanding Krackjack.

On its part Cartoon network will carry oodles of Krackjack commercials and also flog the promotion on air. 

Cartoon Network has struck similar alliances with brands such as Pepsi, Camlin Sparkles, Godrej Jumpin', and Coke, Cartoon Network India spokesperson Shana Lall said.

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