SpeedCast casts its eye on Mainland China and Hong Kong with help from ETNS

Hong Kong company SpeedCast Ltd, which works in the area of broadband satellite, is tying up with the China-based Internet Services Provider (ISP) ET Network Services (ETNS). It has a 30,000 km plus optical fibre backbone network and SpeedCast hopes to leverage ETNS' reach to deliver its Content Distribution Service to enterprise users.

As part of the agreement, ETNS' Internet Exchange Centres are expected to take advantage of the benefits that SpeedCast's Omnistream Content Distribution Network has to offer. Omnistream has proven very effective in delivering streaming technologies. ETNS, on its part, will aggressively promote SpeedCast's streaming services in China. It will also use its strong sales and technical support staff to support this endeavour.

ETNS will be able to use Omnistream to avoid congestion of its IP networks. Omnistream distributes data to edge servers located on the fringe. Edge servers are able to deliver high quality, multimedia content directly to end-users, who can enjoy a high quality viewing experience.

Formed a couple of years ago SpeedCast is working hard to reach the goal of becoming the leading broadband Internet and multimedia service provider. It offers to customers three satellite-enabled broadband services. These are SpeedCast Broadband, SpeedCast Multimedia which provides a maximum of 30 channels of streaming multimedia video programming. Finally there is SpeedCast Broadcast which looks after content distribution.

The company will play a major role in the CASBAA 2001 Super Session on 27 November which will discuss Interactive broadband internet content distribution over satellite and cable television networks. At last month's Broadband Content World Asia 2001 held in Singapore the company talked about the immense opportuniites present in the area of broadband and the discernible trends noticeable It also dealt with the technical aspects of transforming narrowband content into compelling broadband content. It also stressed the need for entertainment to expand itself by getting an interactive feel to it.

Additionally, it forged an alliance with Korea Telecom, the world's largest broadband Internet company. Subscribers of the Telecom major can use their computers to enjoy SpeedCast Multimedia live streaming video and audio content. This way SpeedCast was able to reach an audience of over 3.2 million. SpeedCast's multimedia content covers the latest happenings in the world of business, finance,entertainment, lifestyle. It's media partners include CNN, CNBC Asia Pacific, Bloomberg Television, ChannelNewsAsia, Korea's Arirang TV and Fashion TV.

On its part ETNS is expanding its network all over the world and harbours ambitions of setting up 18 more IXCs in strategic locations of the PRC by the end of next year.

Regarding the opportunity present in the most populated country in the world, SpeedCast CEO Thomas Choi made these comments, "We are extremely proud to be working alongside ETNS for the delivery of advanced communications solutions for the Chinese markets. Companies throughout China will now have access to the most cost efficient means of communicating corporate information to an unlimited number of end users internationally. Further, multinational companies doing business in China will benefit from this efficient web-based tool."

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