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Headlines for the month of November

Convergence Bill consigned to Budget session - or even later? (24 November 2000)

Nine Gold claims rapid gains (24 November 2000)

Fisticuffs over Nickelodeon distribution? (24 November 2000)

WSG-Nimbus bags Sri Lanka cricket rights (23 November 2000)

Doordarshan unveils new Internet site (23 November 2000)

Murdoch Jr comes a-visiting; what's cooking? (22 November 2000)

Yogesh Radhakrishnan lambasts the Hindujas!!! (17 November 2000)

Television Asia rates HBO tops in cable TV operator survey (17 November 2000)

Indian TV executives at Casbaa 2000 (16 November 2000)

Non-performance reason for Deepak Shourie's departure from Zee TV (14 November 2000)

Rupert Murdoch's NDS unit to set up research unit in Bangalore (15 November 2000)

Turner Asia goes for business development hires (15 November 2000)

CBI investigates DD officials and TV production companies on sports rights (14 November 2000)

Industry nixes Prasar Bharati DTH proposal (14 November 2000)

Prasar Bharati proposes DTH platform (12 November 2000)

Aaj Tak TV to launch this month (11 November 2000)

Tamil millionaire show to debut today (11 November 2000)

20 per cent is broadcasting sectoral cap in DTH venture (11 November 2000)

Star TV gets Pak licence (10 November 2000)

Swaraj says addressability will be made compulsory (10 November 2000)

HFCL announces DTH set top box (9 November 2000)

CNN looks set to win US election coverage viewership battle in India too (9 November 2000)

Court judgement brings addressability up front (9 November 2000)

Hallmark expands Asian deal with Fillipino deal (8 November 2000)

Jain TV gung-ho on DTH TV (7 November 2000)

B4U says it is open to invest 20 per cent in DTH operation (6 November 2000)

Siticable to be partner for Sterling DTH TV joint venture? (6 November 2000)

Shaky Insat 2B likely to be allowed to die (6 November 2000)

Union Cabinet clears Ku-band DTH (2 November 2000)

Sri Lanka cricket telecast rights enter last leg (2 November 2000)

Group of ministers discusses DTH (2 November 2000)

Former ISkyB head quits Star TV (2 November 2000)


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