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Turner India advertising sales vice-president Monica Tata tells Nidhi Jain how kids changed the cycle of her life.

My life has to be dramatic? I need to spice it up though it's been a good life so far. I started off being a traveler because my dad was in the Air Force. That bug of traveling caught me. It has lessened now but conceptually I love to travel. I can't have an environment which doesn't allow me to travel and meet people. I would not be able to take it since I need to have constant interactions with people. But at this stage of life I also want time for myself as well, my own space. Sometimes I wish to do nothing and just sit at home and watch TV and spend time with kids. Kids have been my huge source of strength .I just enjoy having them around.

During the course of my career, which happened by default, I got an exposure to an industry that is a great place. I love every part of this industry. I can't even think of any life not being in media. If given a chance and choice again, I would definitely choose media only.

I Love to watch movies. I'm a complete movie buff. When I get a chance to watch Hollywood or Bollywood, I just grab it. I Love music, and have an eclectic taste. Feel no shame about dancing my night away to Bollywood songs.

I like music ranging from Jazz to rock to pop. I am not at all into heavy metal though, which is something I can't understand and relate too. I would love to see U2's Bono who is GOD, somebody to look out for.

Travel schedules are more tuned according to the kids. Personally, hopping over to goa is a must, since it is my favorite place. Besides that, Europe is something I have liked as a holiday destination. London is quite a favorite. I like this place called Kosamvi where I had gone for a conference.

I love New York. As a tourist I have managed to get into a bus and see the city on my own.

I have a fetish for shoes, bags and jewellery. I have to buy from everywhere and continue stocking up when I get an opportunity. I am not a fussy shopper. I spend money fast.

Over the years I have become quite regimented in my health routine. As we grow older we have to be more aware. Have a controlled diet, go to the gym and have regular health check-ups. Yoga is something which I really want to explore. I am quite attuned and attached towards alternative mediums like Reiki. I am looking for both a yoga teacher and time. I thoroughly believe in alternative form of thinking. Reiki is a very close part of my existence.

I love food but a key difference is I eat to live but not live to eat. In cuisines I love Thai but I truly believe that Indian food is the best - Rajma Chawal, bhindi, chapatti, dal works for me big time. Not too much into continental and Italian, European or French. I like spice, love to have green chillies with Pasta. Kashmiri food is my all time favorite.

I would have loved to sing and write songs. I get to do this when I am at parties or with friends. Whenever there is a karaoke opportunity I just let myself go. I really wanted to pursue singing. I learnt guitar, harmonium. Once I started work, I didn't give that attention to other things. It's about focus and priority. If you have the will, you will find a way. I just wasn't willing enough.

Lyrics I have written...

O sanam,

Aaja Sanam,

Main hun kahan,

Tu hai kahan,

Tu aa bhi ja mere sanam,

Tujhe meri kasam?

Athletics is in my blood since childhood. Whenever I get an opportunity I play basketball and badminton. I haven't lost touch. I have done river rafting, bungee jumping. I jumped from the second highest fall in the world in Nepal, an exhilarating experience. That was a fabulous free fall from a ridiculous height. I would love to do it again. I love crazy roller coaster rides.

In my life there is still so much to be done. I want to make a difference in people's lives. Many many miles to go before I sleep. Thank God.

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