"Truly Cosmpolitan" - Vikramjit Roy


Vikramjit Roy, head publicist, Sony Pictures, tells Nidhi Jain that a lot of what he is has been shaped by people around him.

By Birth

I am a Bengali, but Indian at heart and truly cosmopolitan. I have been to different cities, traveled all over the world, met political leaders, met grassroots workers, NGOs. I and my thoughts are not bound by any 'ism'. I was bound when I was into politics during college days, not anymore. Neither am I bound by any cultural definition.


I am very assertive, confidant and rational. God is a source of power, inspiration, dedication. That's the greatest entity. My views are not dogmatic. It's about tolerance - Sarvat Dharm Sambhav. I drew a lot of inspiration from Swami Vivekanand. He had a Guru like face.


Values that I have and the culture that I share is the same as the organisation I work for. I am lucky to be part of that system basically, which has integrity - self, family, work, courage, empower, people, responsibility (for action). Sayings like every action has an opposite reaction is also a part of my life. Great thinkers had respect for others opinions. I truly believe in democracy, women empowerment. Only if we learn do we grow.


On a purely religious perspective, because I am a Bengali,one cannot be separated from Ma Durga. Durga puja is an intrinsic part of my life. I like to just chill out with myself. My daughter, Veda, is a great fan of Ganapati.


A lot has come from my paternal grandfather who was Indian National Congress member, a Member of Parliament and later became an MLA. A lot has been shaped by mom and dad and now by people I work with, my boss Uday Singh, colleagues. People have influenced me in big and small ways.

Spiritual guidance

Spirituality is experiencing the grandeur of darkness.

Positive thinking

Always. Everything can be achieved if we try and if we don't get than we have to try harder. No point in getting upset.


If we do something right only right will happen.

Relaxing spiritually

I just ease myself out spiritually through yoga.

Are you Destiny's child?

It's for destiny to say.

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