From Sheldon To Ludlum - Brandon de Souza


Brandon de Souza, managing director, Tiger Sports Marketing, is one of the most recognized figures on the Indian golf scene. In his 32-year association with golf, he has viewed the game from every possible angle. He tells Nidhi Jain about his taste in books.

Who introduced you to reading?

Runs in the family - mom, dad and two elder sisters being voracious readers. Before retiring to bed a few pages from a book was the order of the day so from Noddy & Big Ears, Famous Five, Billy Bunter etc., all became a habit.

Kind of book collection you have

Limited now to ones I have particularly enjoyed and still find practical in my day to day life. Mark McCormack's 'What They Don't Teach You at Harvard Business School, What they still don't teach you at Harvard Business School'. Jack Welch's 'Straight from the Gut', Shiv Khera's 'Winners Don't Do Different Things, They Do Them differently'.

Taste in books

Easy to read from Sheldon to Ludlum.

What do you think of self help books?

Do not subscribe to them.

Money and time spent on books

Limited as my friends' circle ensure we share all books worth a read.

Your reading pace

Really quick, mostly at airports waiting for planes.

Your first book


Browsing and e-reading


Currently you are reading

Freakonomics - Steven D. Levitt.

Books that do not hold you

Science fiction.

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