Simply Bowled Out - Ranjith Rajasekharan


A Man of few words Ranjith Rajasekharan, Vice President - Marketing, Neo Sports Broadcast has a very simple world view, he reveals in conversation with Nidhi Jain.

Reel love?

I read books and watch movies to keep myself updated and refreshened. SawLast King of Scotland, which I'd heard got nominated for the Oscars, and saw Blood Diamond. If you observe there is lot of drama in the sport itself.

Rhythm Divine?

When it comes to music I like anything I lay my hands on. I really enjoyed going to the Roger Waters concert and I am looking forward to watch Shakira live in action.


Survival is easy as I can cook chicken curry really well. But I like to check out new things that are in flavor, different cuisine. One of the favorite pastimes is to try new restaurants.

I like chicken tikka masala at Leopold at Colaba, I love pasta at Churchill, Colaba. Also Thai Pavilion for Thai food.


My wife Sheetal, ex- advertising person insists that I do Yoga. It is more effective than it was 5 years ago. Silently Yoga worked on me and made me feel healthy.

A cautious traveler...

I am a very conservative traveler. I get paranoid if I do not plan my holidays but my wife, Sheetal is the opposite, and she can just backpack with limited money and travel. I am more into luxury holidays. Kerala and Goa remain my favorite holiday destinations.

Sports feature reader...

When it comes to reading it's only about keeping up to date with sports. While holding on to a newspaper, my reading starts with the sports page sections only.


Now I am looking forward to go to World Cup and see my favorite player Rahul Dravid and the other Blue Billion boys in action.

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