My World Revolves Around The Almighty


Varun Kohli, VP revenue, Sieger Solutions, a staunch believer in the Almighty, tells Richa Dubey that God means the world to him.

By Birth you are?

I am from a broadminded Hindu family.

Religion you follow?

There are certain ideals and principles which we thrive on. For me God is in everybody. In fact, for me I see God in my parents. My dad is no more but my mom is still alive.

Your beliefs and places of pilgrimage?

I believe in Vaishnodevi a lot. That does not mean that I do not worship any other God. The other Gods are always there in my mind. I firmly believe that the best thing that God gave me is my family. I do speak to God when I am down and tensed due to pressure. It is religious belief that keeps me going.

Values that you carry?

For me, values of a person are very important. Values come if one fears life, fears God. Fear makes you value everything. I am very honest about it. According to me, God wants one to value before it is given to them. There is a time when he teaches you and he has his own way.

When we are in a trouble we know God will take care of us. Somewhere down the line that prevents you from taking wrong decisions. I think I have a strong bond with the Almighty and I certainly believe that that people who do not believe in God do not understand life. Ultimately he is the Creator.

Positive thinking...

For me Positive thinking comes from God because I know that if I do wrong someday I will have to give answers to somebody, maybe after death.


I believe in Karma. If one does anything wrong it comes back to us. So based on that I am very clear on what I have to do. My only idea is that I intentionally never tried to hurt anybody. This is the biggest gift because that fear of God and interaction with him keeps me going and away from bad things.

To be very honest, I am very blunt and that has landed me into a lot of trouble at times. This is how I am, accept me or reject me.

Are you Destiny's child?

When I am doing great I say wow! I am a destiny's child. At times I say I am not. It's a mixed feeling. So in a way no one is destiny's child. It's like a graph, going up and coming down.

I am a very strong believer of karma and strongly believe in life after death. God is the master, he is playing a game and we all are participants. We have to just play our parts to our best. I still remember once in my class, I planned with my friends to bunk and go to the field to play and as soon as we entered the field something in me dissuaded me from going onto the field. I don't know what it was. Love or fear but that was strange. I had not completed my homework and I knew I was going to get a good bashing from my teacher. That was the first time I realised what happens to you when you do anything wrong. After that I never bunked college.

At the same time my family has always stopped me from doing anything wrong though they have given me freedom. Yet I never touched alcohol or smoked. I have always believed in Karma and it is still attached to me. It is not that I wished to but I did it out of choice.My idea is clear that I should not play around with other's sentiments. I can tell anybody on the face if I like or dislike them. This is the influence that God has.

My mom has always taught me that God exists everywhere. After my college, I was struggling to get a break but I was unable to and then suddenly I met someone at a party who called me the next morning. I met him and as the saying goes, the rest is history.

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