Bling! Bling! - Roshini Bakshi


Roshini Bakshi, Director-Consumer Products, Walt Disney India offers a peek into her treasured jewelry collection to Nidhi Jain.

Whenever I go abroad, I keep at least one evening free to browse around stores. I like checking out things. I pick up pieces which generally you would not see. It's unique to my taste rather than suiting a particular dress since I never look at it in that fashion. If I find it different I just pick it up.

I have pick up many pieces from Italy, especially from Emrano, because there are lots of glass works there. I love the way they make glass pieces. I collect a lot of trinkets from London as they have jewelry from all over the world; there is a lot more variety there. I have different kinds of jewelry picked up from Hong Kong, since it's a gateway for Korea, Taiwan, and China. Also, when I went to South Africa, I picked up a few. And there is of course India.

Strangely, I do not do too much of investment in traditional gold with stone work in it because my parents taught me that it doesn't have value. I keep getting the most beautiful pieces from collections of Roopa Vohra and something authentic from Tribhuvandas like gold. I will never buy anything which is in a shape of a pipe (kada) because inside it's hollow. It's supposed to have no value at all.

My mother buys tons of jewelry in gold and nothing else. She taught me how to choose flawless diamonds, how to look at it in the light etc. I know a lot of designer stores have come up but I still go back to places I feel sure about.

There is a store in south called Baba Lal which has been around for over 100 years. I picked up all my diamonds from there. I know that any stage I can go back and there's a quality to it. Similarly I never buy pure gold from abroad. When I travel abroad I experiment a lot in stones, while in India I go for 22 K.

I started picking up lots of silver jewelry when I was in college. I am fairly experimental with jewelry and with clothes. I am willing to experiment as long as it does not look out of my age. As to how I keep up with fashion, I look at magazines, fashion trends. Ultimately it's about our own taste; it has to suit our body type. I hate wearing something just because it's in fashion.

It's not easy to take care of jewelry Firstly they have to be kept separately from each other. Diamonds should not rub together; I keep all my valuables in a box with cotton.

I would love to experiment with the work of Notandaas and Popleys, if somebody gives it me but I would not buy it or invest in it. Experimentation is very different from buying and keeping.

I am very happy with what I have collected since it's about personal satisfaction. I feel very satisfied and happy when I get compliments from my friends on the design and beauty of my jewelry

Best compliment - 'How have you been able to pick these?' I am just left thrilled.

Roshni's Tips for when you're on a Shopping Spree:

@Whenever you travel, look around. There are no destinations.

@Every place has a unique value.

@ If you look out for what fashion magazines have to offer, they will take you back to stores. It will never be unique, that you can proudly call your choice.

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