Reading Appetite: MK Anand


MK Anand, business head, Zoom has an eclectic taste in reading; but draws a sharp line when it comes to books on computer programming and engineering... in a candid chat with Nidhi Jain..

Who introduced you to reading?

My father is an avid reader. He describes his reading appetite as voracious.

Kind of book collection you have

History, Philosophy, Biology and Management.

On favourite authors and well written books

George Williams, Plan and Purpose in Nature. An absolute eye-opener in terms of understanding our motivations. To know why we do what we do. Brilliant Thyucidedes, The History, An account of the Peloponessian wars between Athens and Sparta.

Do you find interesting things in every book, how do you choose books you read?

Yes I do think that every book has something unique to offer. I choose books on instinct.

What do you think of self help books?

Not preferred.

Money and time you spend on books


Your reading pace

Never in a hurry. About 40 - 50 pages a day when I am engrossed. Else about 10 pages.

Your first book

Nursery rhymes!! Then Enid Blyton, Franklin W Dixon.

Browsing and e-reading

Mainly Media Economics, for my PhD thesis.

Currently you are reading

Corporate Social Ethics, HBR .

Books that do not hold you

Computer Programming and Engineering books!!!

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