Life-Shrinking & Expanding In Proportion - Bharat Kapadia


Bharat Kapadia, Executive Director, Divya Bhaskar, offers a glimpse of what keeps him occupied in life beyond work, to Richa Dubey.

My nuclear family??

My wife runs a shop at Lifestyle in Juhu Chowpatty, Mumbai. A shop of gift items and artifacts. She is a good painter. All this keeps her pretty occupied. My eldest daughter, Manasi, is a teacher for the disabled. My son Tejas is graduating and plans to study management further. My youngest one Samay is studying in class 8. This is my family and I love to get back to them after work.

My creative instinct?

I contribute ideas to sketch cartoons in Divya bhaskar. I started with this interest just a year ago. So far around 400 of them have already been published.

My fitness routine?

I simply love cricket. Though I don't play it well, I follow it religiously. I love indoor games like chess. Sometimes, with no company around, I play chess myself on computer. For me, it's a great stress buster. I participated in many inter-college tournaments during my college days and won many prizes in school competition.

My talent - unheard and undiscovered?

I like singing a lot and have participated in a few singing competitions also. I do stage performances and sing for many shows. I just finished a performance recently.

I am often questioned about time management but sarcastically reply saying, "Main Samay ka baap hoon". To be very rational, I feel that time is water. If you put your hand in it, it gives you space otherwise it will take its own form. I should have an interest in something for me to hook to it and find time.

My observation and inspiration?

I have met a lot of people and feel that our society is very friendly in general. Hence, there is no question of grudges. Out of all the nice people, a few are very close to my heart, and those are my friends. None of them are from my industry.

I always take inspiration from whoever I meet. The biggest source was my mother, a powerhouse of positive and good qualities. She taught me to look ahead in life. Her fundamental view is that human body parts - eyes, nose, mouth, hands and legs are all made to face the front. Only one part faces back. Therefore, one should never look at the past but keep looking forward for a new beginning.

My joy is to meet new people?

I am not a very holiday person. I do not enjoy sightseeing a lot. For me, more than a tourist destination, what matters are the people around. I am only interested in good company. I have been to New York so many times but I never saw the Statue of Liberty from up close. People say it is so unusual but that is how I am.

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