Leadership & Learning Is An Indispensable Combination - Sunil Lulla


Sunil Lulla, CEO, Times Now, believes leadership will always be an ongoing process. Leaders will get acclaim depending upon how they deal with situations, he tells Nidhi Jain.

Lessons you have learnt

Leadership is an ongoing process, I have learnt from my own experiences and from others' actions. Words are weaker than actions. I have read a lot about how leaders are made on the basis of their actions.

Leaders have to be responsible; they should take charge of situations. They should communicate well; have to constantly keep motivating people about different situations. Thus, it is a consequence of effective communication.

Methods of pacifying madness

I won't say that chaos is very essential but common. It does bring out creativity and sometimes it makes sense and is essential. A challenge is to find out a funnel that leads to quality, task orientation, and goal orientation. Always define a way of handling chaos or so called madness. Energy put on task orientation, on quality whenever required can bring out success.I have a simple philosophy - God is in the details. We cannot work for a particular assignment if we cannot work on details first. Chaos makes the execution perfect. We should be able to wake up and have a vision for the task. We should explain that to our subordinates and funnel the chaos in a very positive form of energy.

People who influenced you

There are many. Some directly and some indirectly. Some influenced me by their actions. Some with whom I worked. My early influence was by reading a lot on Swami Vivekananda; he showed spiritualism with the stands he took. In his speech in Chicago, he got a standing ovation. Next is Mahatma Gandhi who held the nation together. I also admire Jack Welch for his leadership skills. These two words define Welsh for what he stood for. His leadership skills definitely had something inspirational about him. I admire Mr Azim Premji and Narayan Murthy. People I have worked with give me great substance too. My current employers, the Jain Family, Mr Samir Jain and Mr Vineet Jain inspire me on hardcore entrepreneurship.

Changing rules of Work

The environment changes but the rules remain the same. There are goals to be achieved for execution. A large pool of young talent provides enthusiasm in a working environment. There has to be a lot of responsibility and enthusiasm, and a little impatience to succeed. Though the rate of bearing failure is higher nowadays.

How do you ensure that your team delivers

We share a common platform. Thus we are very clear about our goals. We work with people who take responsibility. My 30 years of work experience has been successful and fortunate because of this.

Fun Part of your business

The fun part of our profession is the unexpected. There are a lot of young people and a lot of creativity.

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