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There was once a time when the word luxury connoted a sense of genuine exclusivity. But that was way back then, before the rising tide of ostentatious consumerism washed it all away. To a point where it's so just not there anymore not to have the "LUXURY" tag attached to every item of use --- and that can apply even to bathroom towels.

There are still some things out there though, that for most can never be anything other than objects of awe and wonder.

The super luxurious mobile phone Vertu, with changeable faces and sleek design, slips into that groove ever so smoothly.

In creating the Vertu, Nokia has paced the mobile handset industry by anticipating and surpassing users' needs. How successful has been the separation of this topend line from the mother lode is a story in itself. After all, there are not that many out there who are even aware that the world's handset leader owns this ultimate of status symbols

Encased in metal from stainless steel to platinum, faced with 69.25 carat pure scratch resistant sapphire crystal, with hard wearing ceramics fit for the space shuttle, jewelled ruby bearings to support each key and a round-the-clock/world concierge service, is expensive, exclusive and beautiful, each phone costs a whopping $20,000!! Roughly that is - and no, I did not type in an extra zero by accident.


Nokia recognized that phones, like credit cards, were "lekking devices" - the new social badges for class, personality and community. The ever growing tribe of rich young things, it was probably surmised, would love the Vertu. By charting new territory, it built its brand from scratch playing on the demand for look-at-me phones.


Vertu has plenty of interesting little features created to connote discernment, taste and design. In addition to upgradeability, the Vertu appears tentative in defining a new modern version of exclusivity. To reinforce the image of luxury, Vertu is offering the services of a personal concierge to all Vertu owners round-the-clock (a big selling point).

Prospective owners are ferried to their first Vertu appointment in a limousine; the handset has a dedicated key that connects owners to travel and entertainment advice and reservations across the US, Europe and Asia. The Platinum credit card springs to mind. Need a Sachertorte (a chocolate cake that is one of the most famous Viennese culinary specialties in case you didn't know) delivered from Vienna to a friend in the US? Consider it done. The concierge service is available worldwide in five languages. Detailed records are kept of each customer's preferences. All of this accessible ... just a smooth push-button click away?


For world class definition and as part of Constellation collection, Vertu has crafted 7 models in black, tan, chocolate or pink leather and in stainless steel or gold finishes. Where Vertu Signature and Vertu Ascent were the first ranges of luxury handsets that used the finest materials from the world of watch-making, automotive engineering and jewellery, the Vertu Constellation scaled it all up a notch further.

Vertu Constellation is finished in gold or stainless steel with an exceptional balance to weight ratio, and is encased across the back plate in leather. In fact, it's the largest piece of leather ever used on a handset.

To further talk about features, it allows one button access to lifestyle services 24 hours a day from virtually anywhere in the world. It also has world weather facilities that let you know exactly what to expect when you get to your destination. Vertu Concierge is the service desk that offers help ranging from recommending local restaurants, making theatre bookings, or simply sending a gift to someone --- anywhere in the world.


To sum up, there are companies releasing exquisite digital products (of the Vertu sort) and coming up with their own luxury and premium brands targeted at the elite or super rich. And exclusive they remain.

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