"Work Is Truly Workshop" - Ravi Kiran


We take a peek into the mind of a self proclaimed "restless" man, workaholic, and knowledge seeker who learnt early on to handle ego. Ravi Kiran, CEO, South Asia, Starcom Mediavest Group, took some time out of his hectic schedule to talk to Correspondent Nidhi Jain.

Who me?

Highly principled and disciplined, Ravi has high BMR. He just sleeps for 4-5 hours on an average as he thinks that in the time he is sleeping, the best will pass away.

As a person, he has always been attracted to the underdog, he has been loyal to people and experimentative to things. He doesn't like to use brands but sometimes brands become people. His decisions have often worked against his growth. Can't stand one thing after a certain period. What changed him were a few books by author Robin Cook "Coma", "Fever" as well as Harold Robbins' "the Betsy", to name a few.

Initial days---

Books have always carved a way for Ravi for the kind of success he has had. He meant to be a doctor but studied engineering. A management book he picked up was 'Great Ideas in Management' by Northcote, Rustomji and Sapre made him join FMS, Delhi.Joined Lintas? After six years, got thoroughly bored so he chose to pursue media initiative.

As a person, he thinks he was pretty rough initially, rude and a just do his own work person or was simply called 'ectomorphic'. But now it's more about relating to people.

Strongly feels about---

The compound pet dog "Kaalu", who is also a family member.

Crazy about---

Books, movies, technology, music and gadgets (he thinks Palm is better engineered than Nokia, and I-river is better than Apple i-pod), he even writes his own blogs.


Cycling, rock climbing, river rafting and walking for relaxation. Also, he follows tennis, F1. Given a choice he would like to go to the forest.


His wife Shalini with whom he shares the interest of watching movies on their home theatre system.


Eats vegetarian, can tolerate continental, cooks South Indian and likes north Indian food, which his wife prepares.


Thrillers, court room dramas and mafia movies.

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