"It's All About People" - Carlton D'silva


"The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint to keep from meddling with them while they do it"-- Theodore Roosevelt.

Carlton D'silva, creative director, Hungama.com tells correspondent Nidhi Jain, how during his ten years in internet business and seven years in Hungama, the rules were made and reinvented in the effort to become a true leader while simultaneously preparing future ones too.

Lessons you learnt---I spent almost eight years in boarding. Though I enjoyed every moment but it was strictly disciplined ,while creating a new family in any given circumstances and also without any strings attached.

People that influenced ---It is very difficult to head towards your vision without deterring but it all seemed easy for my MD and CEO Mr.Neeraj Roy, whom I always look 'upto'.

Method of pacifying madness---Well! With us there is a session of gaming to relieve tension. In any industry people don't stick for long but I have binded my team for five years now, the difficulty of recruiting people keeps away madness.

Strategic alliance-With new upcoming technology it creates specific team pertaining hard core skills, when it comes to coordination, the team becomes closer. We always like to hire young minds with new ideas, and also work on the philosophy" lost on time, lost on opportunity". My strategy is to keep 'my team'.

Ensuring that team delivers----There is always a difference on how one direct

The creative gang (well some of them anyways)

people ,I still do hardcore job of putting up a website, now and then; though I earn respect among peers, I still make an effort to get in touch with people who are difficult. The work is always split depending on the core expertise delievery, in our work a project takes three hours with right hoarding, animation, designing and banners. That means one needs to get a good blend of people.

Fun part of your business---Come and experience a day with the creative team in our office, you will realize that there is no seriousness to the job, we have music playing 24*7,photo sessions are always ongoing process. That's the kind of environment we have created.

Changing rules of work---In today's work scenario one should realize for growth and opportunity that 'you don't work for company, you work with it.

Earlier it was clear cut want, but now it's about survival.

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