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As William H McNeill puts it, "The rise of Islam offers perhaps the most impressive example in world history of the power of words to alter human behaviour in sudden, surprising ways." True to the quote, but there is much more when it comes to how individualistic perception is developed. Correspondent Nidhi Jain spoke to Khalid Sayeed, head of programming, IMG Media, about his beliefs and faith.

By Birth-

Born on 5th of September, this family man has been very religious and balanced; his then family consisted of five siblings i.e. Four sisters and one brother. In the process of learning, taking knowledge from saner voices and observing, he became a great believer in power but not to the level of going berserk.


Is without a doubt Shahrukh Khan. And a good ambassador can be Azim Premji. Khalid thinks that it's very difficult to propagate religion. "How George bush can't teach Christianity. Since in our religion the villains keep changing, few bad elements always manage to retain themselves and ultimately it seems sad that we didn't end up becoming communist."


Khalid's greatest influence has been his grandmother Amina, who taught him that one can't be a good human being if one is not religious. "The strain of caring for one's parents in this most difficult time of their lives is considered an honor and a blessing and an opportunity for great spiritual growth. In Islam, it is not enough that we only pray for our parents, but we should act with limitless compassion, remembering that when we were helpless children, they preferred us to themselves."

He also has an enormous understanding of different religions since he was brought up among Christians and Hindus.


If we have to talk about Khalid's belief, his extreme faith is in Supernatural power and fasting through which six senses are controlled, makes one calmer; one can't lie, to respect women and more importantly feeding the poor. He also believes in Guru Nanak, Mahavir, Gautam Buddha and Sufi Saints. Khalid also believes that as long as the world exists there will be presence of good and bad, but we should never lie low in front of FATE.

Khalid's beliefs do not extend to wife Aditi, however, who is an atheist, while son Sohail and daughter Raisa celebrate every existing festival with enthusiasm.


Khalid believes in praying for a minimum of 5 minutes a day, but not bowing down. Also, he specifically doesn't follow rituals.

Divine visit-

It's his wish to visit five pillars, termed as "Zakat", all practicing Muslims accept belief in the 'Six Articles of Faith' and are obliged to follow the 'Five Pillars.' They are:

Muslim profession of faith or shahada; Ritual Prayer or salah; Obligatory Charity or zakah; Fasting or sawm; Pilgrimage or hajj.

Spiritual guidance-

Khalid used to read "haddis", a collection of incidents in Prophet Mohammed's life, but he is very disheartened that today in madrasas kids read without understanding and today it seems irrelevant as his fellow members of his religion read scriptures without understanding.

Positive thinking-

Comes from real life. Also, his pillar of strength is mother Zubeida, who survived riots and a disabled father. As he recalls his grandmother, Amina and father Muniruddin were mocked during the 1992 communal riots that hit Mumbai. To make matters worse, their's were among those families that were targeted to be looted. As a result it made them rebellious and angry with the whole scenario but in those testing times they were taught not to behave like those butchers/killers. "Sometimes, when I am cornered, then I become superstitious," says Khalid.


His religion decrees it is compulsory to offer 2 per cent of income as charity to be donated to poor people. Since Khalid is not of scared of failure, negative thoughts don't affect him. To him, it's all about the learning curve and his own Karma. He quotes from the Quran, "You are the best of my creation, and I have given you the option to think. If you do wrong and repent I'll still forgive, if you turn a good person you change your Karma."

Relaxing spiritually-

Sleeping! A lot under any given circumstances, if in dire need he asks for divine help and feels it deeply. "It was wonderful to have time to reflect on my own spiritual life and those reflections have resulted in some changes in our family's life," says Khalid.

Are you Destiny's child?

"I am absolutely destiny's child. Very few people have influence on me, I don't take diplomacy as my fate and that makes my life simple," says Khalid.

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