Saga of Omega


Omega-- 24th and the last letter of the Greek alphabet. The alpha and the omega --the beginning and the end. Omega remains synonymous with accomplishment, finishing, perfection, maximum, crowning achievement and excellence.


Is packed with unique achievements in watch making history.

O as in Olympics 1905-2005--

Has been an official timekeeping of the Olympic games using chronographs and stopwatches with a flybackhand;

Quartz technology was introduced with the time recorder;

Introduced the world's first semi-automatic timing device, the swim Eight-o-Matic timer for swimming competition;

invented Omega scope -a time keeping device which allowed the time of each competitor followed by the camera to be superimposed on the TV screen;

First 100 per cent electronic timekeeping in the world;

Iinvented the contact pads for swimming competitions;

Invented the giant video matrix;

Invented the scan'o'vision using electronic imagery, a low cost and popular version of the photofinishing camera;

Launched Marine with a double case, the first divers watch;

Launched self winding Seamaster 1000m;

Launched Sea master's professional chrono diver, the world's first diver's chronograph with pushbuttons that functioned down to a depth of 300m.

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