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No amount of space consumption or maintenance costs can dissuade one from collecting the rare things that one has always been fascinated by. Carlton D'Silva, creative director, hungama.com, gives Correspondent Nidhi Jain a peek into his precious collections.


The statues I have collected so far are from my visits to the US. These statues are limited edition ones i.e. Just 8,000 to 10,000 pieces exist of each of them. Though such statues can be bought from Amazon or eBay, on these sites they tend to be a more expensive commodity. The most expensive statue I possess till date cost Rs15,000. Before buying I surf the detailing and history attached to it. One such important site is "Bowen designs". Maintenance is to be followed like a ritual, statues of these kinds needs a glass cabinet, and the usage of a particular kind of water. Above all, my statues have inspired people around me to make it a part of their personal collection as well.


During my stay in the Gulf while I was a kid, I collected rare comic books. Lesser an edition, the more expensive it becomes. I have been fascinated by characters like X-Men, Superman and Batman and the books created on them. I always make it a point to attend the comic convention in Santiago.


Collecting movie memorabilia is a fairly new interest that I have developed since the last 4-5 years. Right now, the making of Sin City and the costumes of the film Narnia by 'Veta Workshop' has largely grabbed my attention. I am a very big fan of Matrix with 10-disc version with pre post section incorporated in it. Old movies converted into comic books, sci-fi, gift edition of Peter Jackson and King Kong have also caught my fancy.

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