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Nivedith Alva, Supervising Producer (for Indian Idol-1&2/Fame Gurukul/Style on Star world/Milan Fashion Week on Star world/Ad world on BBC world) Director (MTV Hero Honda Roadies Season 1) at Miditech has been in companionship of books from the beginning but it nurtured during his college days at St.Stephens in Delhi where he was doing his BA Hons and onwards? in conversation with Correspondent Nidhi Jain.

--Who introduced you to reading?

My father. I remember him reading through loads and loads of books when I was a kid.

--Kind of book collection you have

Have all sorts of books, from big picture books to current favorites. Have a lot of books from my grandfather's collection. He used to invest a lot in books and was always up to date on his reading. I have a lot of books on history, as I did my BA (Hons) in history; wish we had some of them in college though!! I also have a little book in which I keep a record of the books I have read!!! :-)

--On favorite authors and well written books

"RK Narayan" is my all time favorite author, have read all his books.

Another well written book is "The World is flat" by Thomas L. Friedman.

--Do you find interesting things in every book, how do you choose books you read

Always look out for interesting stuff and underline it if I ever want to refer to it. Choose books by browsing in book shops, especially the Oxford Book Store in Mumbai and also airports. Also, read everything recommended by my elder brother, Niret.

--What do you think of self help books?

Not much. Somehow they all seem too complicated and take life too seriously and almost always convince you in the first chapter that "You're a loser, now read on".

--Money and time you spend on books

No problems on spending money on books, if they need to be read and are worth it. Always have the book I am reading in my bag, wherever I am.

--Your reading pace

Depends on how busy work gets. Sometimes I manage to finish very fast but sometimes a book drags on for a couple of months too!!

--Your first book

"The Children's Bible".

--Browsing and e-reading

Just news websites. An E-reading book somehow does not do it for me.

--Currently you are reading

"A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle.

--Books that do not hold you

Usual American Fiction Stuff.

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