Inherit Wisdom: Gowtham Chopra


Spirituality with a shrug and smile comes to very few and believing that India has a wealthy legacy of traditions and wisdom to offer, more than just being the heir to dad Deepak Chopra's legacy, the guru in the making for some candid spiritually. Here's Gowtham Chopra for you?

Are you deeply spiritual yourself--

I don't know. I can't say that I am a deeply spiritual person. But yes, having grown up in the atmosphere that I have and in the family that I belong to, I am very comfortable with myself and in tune with my spirituality. I don't make an effort to be spiritual.

And what is it you do--I am an artist writer. I believe my role is to tap into the creative potential of people and the youth that I meet, and get them to express their inner storehouses of wisdom.

Your role here in India--

India has a great storewell of inner wisdom and traditions, stories, myths -- anthologies of knowledge if you will. I want to convince people, especially the youth, that it's their ideas that matter. They are relevant, and they need to be creative and package it to the world.

Internet blog, online spiritual platform--

It was an organic evolution. It began with me and dad, Shekhar Kapur, and sister Malvika mailing each other about stuff, questions, thoughts... People like Rahul Bose have been friends for years and he uses the blog to focus on tsunami relief. We are just making use of this hobby of blogging that is catching on to improve whatever we can.

What are your spiritual challenges--

There are tremendous challenges in tapping latent wells of wisdom and tradition. It's not just IT and entertainment companies that we need to build but we can find it within ourselves to find ways to improve the world.

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