Proud Guardians Of The Flying 'B'


"If ever a car was built to be driven, it is the Bentley. Passion

for performance is in our blood. And in our bloodline. Early history was written on the racetracks of Europe by a breed of adventurers who not only had the vision to build the cars, but also the courage to drive them to victory.

Continue to design and build every precious part of a Bentley with one thing in mind -

the experience of the driver. That’s as true of the craftsmanship that creates vehicles of inimitable finesse as of the engineering that produces engines of phenomenal power.

Which is why, as long ago as 1938, Bentley inaugurated the first Instruction Class for owners. That was the beginning of Bentley Driving, which today offers advanced driving courses to those owners wishing to explore the full potential of their cars.

Not for the faint-hearted, these would typically involve extreme tests of skill in a wide

variety of driving situations. Experiencing and correcting oversteer and understeer, understanding the ESP system, using ABS to brake at speed, high speed cornering techniques, skid-pan practice or redline acceleration - the thrill of mastering these, and many other driving challenges, makes for a truly unforgettable learning experience.

Nothing less than the finest materials and the most painstaking attention to detail go into the manufacture of Bentley cars. And nothing less than those very same qualities can satisfy those who commission our Bentley replica models. The closest possible collaboration between our styling team and the die-cast manufacturer ensures that our scale miniatures are true in form and as authentic in detail as the originals.

This limited series, offered in unique Bentley packaging, matches the unique colours and specifications of the Bentley cars past and present.

Rare "B" species

Huge reserves of understated power and the finest tradition of British coachbuilding come together in the Bentley Arnage range of three Grand Touring saloons, each with its own distinctive character and style. Whether it’s the high performance, the beautifully refined, the stately Arnage, no other car can be hand-built to customer requirements with such delicacy and care.

Glamorous and desirable, the Bentley Azure represents the pinnacle in a revered line of convertibles that stretches back to the very earliest days of the Bentley legend. The inspiration is classic, the execution is cutting-edge.

Coupé worthy of the GT name. Inspired by the grace and power of Bentley’s thoroughbred bloodline, the Continental

GT combines phenomenal power, class-leading performance and contemporary design with handcraftsmanship in true Crewe tradition. Power that doesn’t compromise space. Handling that doesn’t compromise comfort. Technology that doesn’t compromise handcraftsmanship. Above all, true Grand Touring performance complemented by the luxury of Bentley legend.

The Continental Flying Spur, a sumptuous, spacious four-door with the soul of a high performance coupé. With its unmistakable Bentley qualities of exquisite design, peerless craftsmanship and unforgettable driving dynamics, the Continental Flying Spur continues the Bentley bloodline of sporting Grand Tourers with an understated style

that’s as appropriate for a business commute as it is for an evening at the theatre.

The Continental GTC. Inspired by the Grand Touring tradition of Bentley legend. Born of Bentley’s breathtaking Continental GT coupé. With the endless power of a 12-cylinder, 6-litre twin-turbocharged engine urging you from 0-60mph in just 4.8 seconds. And a canopy opening up to the endless skies in less than 25 seconds.

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