"I Don't Forget To Thank Lord Shiva Everyday" - Dheeraj Kumar


He's the man behind the eternal mythos like Om Namah Shivay and Shree Ganesh. In fact, many in the industry refer to him as the `mytho man'; though he has consistently also delivered on other genres of programming.

The plucky producer has currently been in the spotlight for his new show `Jodi Kamaal ki' on Star Plus.As we got talking to him, we found out that Dheeraj Kumar is an ardent follower of Lord Shiva (the most powerful god of the Hindu pantheon and one of the godheads in the Hindu Trinity) and Goddess Durga (manifesting Shakti or power) . In an interview to exec life, we talk to him about his belief system and faith that has kept him going in life.

"There's a bit of providence in my life"

There's definitely a bit of providence in everybody's life. Apart from that, I believe in destiny and the power of the almighty. A lot of things & events happen in life which are not planned. In fact, I believe all the important events in my life have been a result of divine intervention. The way my company has grown, the day I met my wife or even my name for that matter.

Not many people know that my real name is Purshottam Kochhar. During my early days in Mumbai, when I was very much a part of the filmworld, someone suggested the name Dheeraj Kumar since it was in sync with Dilip Kumar.

"My wife is actually a Parsee"

My wife, Zuby Kochhar used to fly for Air India for about 17 years. We've now been together for more than 45 years. She's actually a Parsee but after our marriage has adopted my faith and belief system. Now, it's her strong belief in Lord Shiva and Ma Durga which gives me strength. If there's any critical decision to be taken or any business problem, I turn to Zuby,who's really my support system.

"My parents sowed the seeds of devotion in me"

My parents actually sowed the seeds of devotion in me. They were very religious and we used to pray as a family together. My childhood memories are all about the huge temple in our house which had Ma Durga and Lord Shiva's Trishul in it.

I don't really believe in any kind of rituals. Every morning, I take about twenty minutes to do mypooja. That gives me strength, lightens up my worries and also keeps me feeling young.

"I own more than 1000 shiva idols"

I've a huge collection of Shiva idols at home as well as in my office.Yet, my friends keep gifting me with more Shiva idols. In fact, my office building is also called as Kailash Plaza.In fact, I had donated a huge statue of Lord Shiva to this building, when it was being constructed.

"I am a Karmayogi"

Do I sound like I am preaching like a saint? Well, I am actually a Karmayogi. I am very ambitious and still desire to grow my company further. But I do these things very peacefully. So, while I plan for the future, I also give all my worries to God. I work hard for more than ten hours a day and try as far as possible, not to overreact to people and situations.

"God doesn't ask you to relax"

Belief in God doesn't mean put on your AC and relax. But Lord Shiva really inspires me to stand up and fight.

"An incident that has stayed with me"

I used to live in Byculla during my younger days. Once, late at night after a shoot, I got down at Mahalakshmi. I only had a railway pass and cash of Rs 1.30 with me. I was very hungry that night, but the question was whether I should take a taxi or should have my dinner?

It was pouring heavily that night and all the restaurants were closed. And the other restaurants that were open were charging 80 paisa for three chapatis and a paya soup. I couldn't afford that. I kept walking on and saw a labourer who was making chapatis for himself. I asked him if he would share his dinner with me. He happily baked 7 to 8 chapatis and we had it together with just a glass of water. I still remember the sweet taste of that dinner and thank God everyday for standing by me.

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