"I love to sleep under the wide blue sky" - Arvind Sharma


From IIM to Leo Burnett Arvind Sharma, who has a management degree from IIM Ahmedabad, spent the first couple of years in marketing at Voltas. From Clarion McCann to being an account director in Chaitra, Sharma has been the chairman and CEO for Leo Burnett for some years now.

Around the world

I travel a lot for both work and pleasure. It is my passion to explore new and rich places, which have historic culture and heritage. I love meeting people from different walks of life and therefore I can spend hours at the Caf? Lapays in Paris. Here, one can find people from almost all walks of life. In Paris, there are a lot of French restaurants and you get to see a mix and match of humanities of all kinds.

Naturally balanced food for me

I am a non-vegetarian and have tried almost all cuisine in the world. I love Japanese, French and Italian food. There's only one thing I don't like -- mixing and matching different kinds of food. Everything has its own balance and taste, which should not be disturbed.

The stakes that I had in Chicago were just amazing. I love eating the Gujarati thali and then, not to forget, I have a big sweet tooth and can't resist eating moose and gajar ka halwa.

No spirituality, only physicality is my mantra

I've been doing yoga since I was four years old. Now it's become a habit to take out time at least two to three times a week for yoga. I learnt the art of yoga from my dad as he was totally into it. I don't believe in spirituality but from the view of physicality, I consider yoga to be the best remedy of all health problems.

Where's the time to?

For the last couple of years, all that I have managed to read are magazines. Nowadays who has the time to read as such? And then with the kind of schedule I keep, I rarely get time to browse the internet. Net is the need of the hour and is the easiest way to know about the world, fashion, happenings and everything that is required to keep you updated.

Movies rarely happen

I'm not much into music and movies. I do keep a track of what's new and happening in every field, be it fashion, movies or music. But I don't really get the time to go out for movies.

Relaxation for me is?

For me, relaxing is not about doing nothing, it's about doing a lot of things which interest me. We have a farm house in Alibagh, which is one of my favourite haunts. It's just three acres of grass where I can do what I love the most -- sleep under the biggest ceiling, the sky. I consider this the best way to relax and release stress. Every three weeks I land up there with my wife Poppy, who is a writer, daughter Ishita and son Akshay.

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