I Like Spending Time With Nature - Aparnaa Pande


Aparnaa Pande programming head, television division, Zoom tells us that she has learnt a lot from the people around her and she will forever be grateful to her seniors for teaching her so much.

Growing with the industry

I was born and brought up in California but I did my Masters in Business Administration from Pune, Maharashtra. Later, I kickstarted my career with Sony Television and grew with the company. Sony is my home; I've learnt so much from the people out there and I will forever be greatful to my seniors for teaching me so much. New and different things always titillated me, so when I was approached for Zoom in its initial stage I accepted it as it was something different from the mainline media. Basically, Zoom programs portray what is happening in society today and not the daily soap operas.

Fitness funda... or the lack of it

I hardly do anything to keep myself fit. Whenever possible I try to go to the Zaf gym which is at the Versova Link Road to do cardio exercises. I don't do any kind of dieting but yes I make it a point to drink a lot of water every day. Even though I love eating, I avoid having too much. I prefer a Continental cuisine to anything else.

Books have been my all time pals

I grew up with Enid Blyton. But my all time favorite book has been Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exup?ry who was a French author and journalist. This book still has a special place in my book shelf and has stayed with me since years. There are times even today when I pick it up and go through it. Little Prince is a children's book which teaches one that something that looks easy may be tough and vice versa. There is a lot to be learnt in life and the book makes one figure out this truth.

Reading rejuvenates me. With time my collection of books has also grown. I read anything from The Da Vinci Code to autobiographies.

For me holidaying ends in California

With work I hardly get time to unwind and holidays are a rare dream nowadays. Though I have been almost all round the world, I find The United States the best place to be in. And that is not only because I have my family there in California but the place offers a variety of friendly people and scenic beauty all twelve months of the year. Europe is one place I love for its rich historic culture.

Partying happens quite often

I am quite a party person and love freaking out at these Mumbai night clubs with friends. This happens at least twice a week. I love letting my hair down and dancing away to glory.

I prefer a blend of both English and Hindi music

I love music but there is nothing very specific I love listening or I hate listening to but, yes, a blend of both Hindi and English music is what delights me. My choice of songs totally depends on my mood.

My favorite movies keep changing with time

I like both Bollywood as well as Hollywood flicks. In the recent past I loved Black and Brokeback Mountain to a great extent.

I don't believe in going to the temple

I believe in the saying that God lies within a person and therefore I don't really go to the temple as such to pray. I prefer spending time with nature and myself which revitalizes me. I don't do any kind of yoga.

I am a true shopper at heart

Spending time shopping is real fun at times. I prefer to mix and match things from different malls rather than just picking up things from one place at one go. I normally pick up branded stuff.

A quiet evening on the beach side

Though I don't really get to spend time with family, but my idea of a perfect evening would be a calm outing at the beach side with my loved ones.

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