"Astronomy and cricket books are my passion" - LV Krishnan


"Since my early days I have been reading books related to astronomy and cricket. It's not that I was deeply inclined to study about planets and space, but it's been in me because of the course I chose in my post graduation level. We were required to do projects on the subject and therefore my liking for it sort of grew," says Tam India CEO LV Krishnan.

As far as cricket is concerned, it's been my passion to know about it in depth. Though I can't play cricket at all, I love reading about it. After all, it is not essential to virtually practice what you read. I never lay my hands on self-help and motivational books as I find them very boring.

I spend quite a lot of money on books at times and I usually shop at the Crossword book store in Bandra.

My favourite books...

Sunil Gavaskar's Sunny Days has been my best read ever. The book is an autobiography of the great cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar. This was the first book he wrote and after this another three followed.

I'm not a fiction fan at all and so I have no favourite authors. As far as non-fiction is concerned, I only read in about astronomy and cricket.

I'm reading Steve Waugh's autobiography Out Of My Comfort Zone, which I find extremely entertaining. It gives a detailed description of another great man in the field of cricket.

Books that do not hold me?

No other books hold me the way books related to these topics do. I haven't really been able to peruse any 400 page books for the past many years now. There is hardly any time left for all this.

Browsing and E-Reading...

I do read a lot of snippets on the internet but not any kind of books. Apart from books and related material there is a lot to be learnt from the net. Advancements in the field of technology have taken great leaps and the net is catching more and more viewership than any other form of media.

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