"If You Think You Can, You Can" - Gurjeev Singh Kapoor


"Sports was an integral part of my daily routine when I was young. I used to spend six hours a day playing hockey and basketball; I went diving and was also involved in gymnastics. In fact, it was with my sheer determination and hard work that I was able to become India's second best diver. I also played hockey for the state of Delhi. I put in my best and when you do that, you are bound to excel. On the other hand, while I was actively involved in sports, studies never took a back seat and I always excelled in school. In the 12th standard, I decided to stick to my priority as I was interested in taking up sports as a career. I started devoting a couple of hours to sports everyday, but looking at the future prospects in the field at that point in time, I later decided to do engineering," says One Alliance senior vice president sales and marketing Gurjeev Singh Kapoor.

Set Discovery is doing very well

After completing my engineering, I worked in Mirrlees Blackstone for two years and then did a two year management course from FMS. In 1995, I joined ESPN where I was the head of sales for the northern region. At that time, I got an offer to join Zee International in South Africa for a brief six months project. But, I ended up working with them for a year. I quit as I didn't see further growth in my career by shifting base from India to South Africa. Also, I was very keen on moving to London as I thought it have better growth prospects but things with Zee did not materialise.

In 1999, I joined Discovery, where I was handling sales for the north region for the first six months and within a year, I was heading all India sales.

In 2002, Set Discovery was formed and I was absorbed there. By God's grace, the company is doing extremely well and our revenues are five times than what Sony and Discovery would generate as separate companies.

My parents are my mentors

My folks are very simple. My dad used to guide me constantly at every step in my life. He always showed the two sides of a coin -- the good and the bad. It was he, who told me how important studies were and whatever I am today, I owe it to him. Since sports doesn't have a lot of prospects in our country, I thank my dad for pushing me to study harder. It was with his guidance that I was able to choose a career.

My school, Modern School in Delhi, has taught me a lot. I believe that overall development is very important for a child's holistic growth. I am also proud to be a product of the Delhi College of Engineering and FMS.

Gunpraveen and I started dating each other in 1990

My wife, Gunpraveen was my junior in school. We started dating in 1990, when I was in college. She became an air hostess and her job took her all around the world. We tied the knot in 1995. We have a six year old son Dev and a two and half year old daughter Bani.

I am a pucca Punjabi at heart

I love to eat anything that tastes good. The list of my favourite cuisine is endless -- South Indian, Thai, Chinese, Continental... I can go on! Before I settled in Mumbai, I never really had a palate for fish but now I have acquired a taste for pomfret cooked by my wife. I also love mussels.

There are a few restaurants which I frequently visit. Some of them are - Mangi Ferra, Mainland China, Lemon Grass, Urban Tadka, Myst and Papa Pancho. Nando's, which is a chain of restaurants from South Africa is also one of my favourites. The spicy chicken there is just fabulous and out of the world.

I've heard that those who like eating, can cook well. Though I've never tried my hand at cooking, I'm sure I will be able to cook well some day.

Gymming Session

As I have a healthy appetite, I need to work out strenuously. I am at the gym daily for at least an hour and a half. I work out at the Nautilus gym, which is a hop away from my house. It has all the facilities along with a good set of trainers and dieticians. But, I hardly listen to them!

No matter how much I try, I can never go on a diet as it's just not my cup of tea. Gymming is fine with me but, yoga is something that I've never got into. Even after knowing its advantages, I feel that as long as one is fit and can afford going to the gym, one should. I prefer involving myself in sporting activities rather than meditating.

Even today, whenever I get a chance I play basketball. I am also considered a good batsman in our One Alliance cricket team, though I only played galli cricket as a child!

'God Father' was a very gripping book

I don't really get the time to read anything apart from business magazines. The last book I remember reading was Mario Puzo's God Father. It is a gripping book and has been my best read ever. I do try and grab some management books like those by Shiv Khera.

Annual vacation with my family is a must

I travel a lot... both for work and leisure. I've been to a whole lot of places spanning most continents except South America, which I would like to visit someday.

Apart from work related trips, I make it a point to take a 10 day break with my family to an exotic location. My last holiday was in London and it was the most memorable vacation I have ever had with my entire family, including my parents. London is a beautiful place and the people there are extremely warm and helpful.

Another holiday that is fresh in my mind was the one I had in Australia, where we had stayed in a beach house. The Gold Coast bike ride Down Under was one of the most exciting rides. For me, Australia was an awesome place to be in as I love driving. We had rented a car and drove all around.

Sikkim and Gangtok are nice places to visit too because of their scenic beauty. Apart from that, South Africa is also one of the most exotic and beautiful place I've been to.

Kasauli is another favourite place as it is very quiet and beautiful, one that is commercially untouched.

In December, Goa beckons. My kids and I love beaches and therefore freak out in water. The moment my daughter touches water, it's impossible to pull her out.

I am an impulsive shopper

I don't shop frequently but whenever I do, I splurge. I am a bit brand conscious... by that I mean I don't really compromise on quality. My favourite brands are Marks & Spencer, Provogue and Allen Solly.

I love gizmos and I would love to buy the latest technology. Even if that's not possible all the time, I try and keep abreast with the latest. My cell is the latest model from Sony Ericsson and I use a Sony Vaio laptop.

I love driving and while I drive a Corolla at present, I do wish to buy a BMW some day.

We miss our Delhi friends

My wife and I used to be regulars on the party circuit in Delhi but now that craze has waned. We miss our Delhi friends and more over, in Mumbai, one hardly gets time to make new friends.

My beliefs

I believe that God is within us and is the supreme power. There is nothing in this world that can stand in front of him. I visit the Gurudwara every Sunday without fail.

I am always ready to take up challenges and don't give up until it is done. I believe if you work hard, are true and put in your best, things will happen. Moreover, if you're determined and think you can; you can!

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