'The books I read determine my spiritual quotient in life'- Asit Modi


"The reading habit was inculcated in me by my school teachers and parents.The kind of books I choose to read have always inspired me in all walks of life whether it's in my business dealings, running a company or understanding people. In all, books really determine my spiritual quotient in life, so-to- speak.

I grew up reading Gujarati authors like Bakur Patel and Zaverchand Meghani. Later, I continued to experiment with authors like Kaka Kalelkar who specialize in writing essays. While doing my graduation at the college of commerce, I was thinking of carving out a career at the stock market or as a CA. But then as I continued to read, write and then eventually got into dramatics. That's when I discovered my passion for the creative field.

My favourite books

My family is a lot into reading religious scriptures. As for me, it's not about religious reading but about seeking spiritual inspiration from whatever I read. Ravindranath Tagore remains one of my all-time favourite author. I love going back to his song offerings in Gitanjali which are pretty awe-inspiring.

I also love going back to books by Swami Vivekananda. His writings have the message of Vedanta and spiritual teachings that have saved the country during periods of decline and crisis. A lot of the writings are about the concept of dharma, values which add on to our everyday life and existence. I also love reading books by Osho Rajneesh . Currently, I am trying to get into reading our scriptures. I am currently on the Atharva Veda which helps me handle my finances and business properly.

How books inspire me

My spiritual quotient has been inspired by whatever I read. Books help me introspect, and understand life. I don't look at religion rigidly. I am also very flexible and open to ideas and people in life. With time, people change and so does their perspective in life.

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