I Believe In Destiny - Ashok Pandit


Ashok Pandit, Producer, Sarrika Images was born in Kashmir and brought up in an highly spiritual environment. He tells us why he believes a lot in destiny. 

My parents migrated to Mumbai at the time of the exodus. Later I studied at the N.M.College in Mumbai. But Kashmir surely has remained a part of my sensibilities. I had no clue that one day I will become a producer, director, a social activist and earn fame. That is why I believe in destiny a lot.

I begin my day with

Whatever time I might sleep, I always get up between 6 and 7. I begin my day with Kashmiri tea called Kehwa. It's a ready mix that I get from Kashmir. There's no milk or sugar in this kind of tea. Instead we grate some almonds in it. After that I go for a walk on the Juhu beach as it's very close to where I stay. I have never liked going to a gym. I feel as if I am confined to boundaries there.

My diet

For breakfast its mostly porridge or fruits. I do not have lunch. My evening meal is roti, sabzi, dal and salad. Sometimes, it's also also just boiled vegetables and salads as I am trying to reduce weight.

Eating out

I don't fancy eating out much. One thing I hate is to wait for your meal. That's why I prefer going to Urban Tadka and Pappilon as they belong to friends. I call them up before reaching so that I get the table. I am a khichdi freak and love to order it even at a five star hotel. Often me and Mahesh Bhandarkar, who happens to be a good friend get together for our Khichdi sessions. I love going to Pritam da Dhaba at Oshiwara as they make excellent Khichdi.

On Page 3 parties

I love socializing and meeting new people. Talking about page 3 culture, I would say that it's changing. Now- a -days one does not have to be dressed- to- the- hilt or be a socialite to appear on page 3. In fact, all the happening parties around town have business tycoons as well as simple achievers. But what gives me a lot of happiness is socializing of a different kind. I like to meet aggrieved people, maybe at a police station or just on the road. I believe that just talking or interacting with people in distress helps them ease their pain.

My balancing act

Sometimes the media portrays a larger than life image of celebs; so success can go to ones' head easily. My family keeps me rooted all the time. I do not let my ego rule me. Good times do not always last. Many a times, just to keep in touch with reality I travel by train or even have a vada pau when hungry. I also make it a point to react to unjust and unfair situations.


My grandmother was a great spiritual writer. Even my mother is a spiritual leader. I have always got a lot of my positive energy from them. They give me a sense of security, along with a strong sense of belief in life. Theirs is the only unconditional love in this world.

Gizmos & gadgets

I use a functional mobile. Besides this, I have not enslaved myself to other electronic trappings.


I drive a Tavera. It's a functional as well a spacious car. Otherwise, I am not fond of cars.


I don't believe in brands. Ones' personality should be ones brand. I love to shop kurtas from Fab India.

Travel destination

I do not like to travel much. I avoid holidays which really irks my family. Once I was to accompany my wife Nirja to the US for her show [she is a singer] but at the last minute the thought of a day long journey in the aircraft made me cancel the trip. We went for a holiday to Kashmir last year.


I read only newspapers. I get them from all over the world. I also browse on the net for more news. I feel it's very important to read the newspapers to keep abreast of the changing times and happenings. I would love to read more but time does not permit it. I have read a lot of Hindi literature and have enjoyed Premchand's work immensely.

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