Ramanujam Sridhar: One Land, A billion Minds


After a remarkably successful career in the advertising industry, as CEO, Pratibha Advertising, Senior Vice President (South), Mudra, and Executive Director R K Swamy/BBDO, in 1998, Sridhar went on to launch brand.comm. But apart his advertising acumen, many in the industry have also been exposed to Sridhar's writings by way of his popular column `third umpire' (in the Business Line) which talks about the game of media and advertising

Here, in an interview to Exec Life, Sridhar talks about his first book - One Land, A billion Minds. Written in a light and engaging style, the book is a first person account of the writer's experiences with different brands along with insights into the country's vibrant market.

After a career in marketing and advertising, you went on to launch brand.comm, and now you've written a book. Is this your second labour of love?

When I realised that there's far more to life than a 30 second TV commercial, I launched brand.comm. Then, I got hooked onto 'total branding' i.e a mix of brand consulting, advertising and public relations. And now, with this book I wanted to share my observations, about consumers, advertising, communication and life with people. Also, I love to write.

Is One land, One Billion minds an inspirational outcome?

This book as such has not been inspired, but yes, the idea of writing on something like this came to my mind by just looking around me. India lacks skills and this book has been written with a motive of sharpening the claws of individuals in different fields.

Tell us a little about the book? "One land, A billion minds - Insights on branding in India?

This book gives an overall and in-depth view about the Indian market and the consumer. I've tried to look at brands from a consumer point of view. Afterall, the consumer is not a moron, she is your wife. The book is full of examples like how a brand like Mohun's benefit from the advertising prowess of Kellogg's. I've also illustrated with the help of anectodes and experiences.

Who can relate to your book?

This book has been written to cater the needs of three slots of people. First of all, for Management schools because there is hardly anything Indian that is taught to the students today. The second target readers are going to be sales and marketing professionals to give them a broader perspective. And thirdly for, advertising individuals.

Are you working on any other writing projects?

Yes, I am working on a book which basically deals with small brands which are good but have not been recognized so far.

What do you prefer to read, fiction or non-fiction?

I don't read any self- help books but yes, management books help a lot.

Who is your favourite author?

I don't read much but my favourite author remains, David Archer.

What kind of research have you done for the book?

For everything materialistic there has to be a base and research helps build a strong base. So, I did study the demands of the consumers before writing this book.

How did you find time to write the book?

With the kind of schedule I keep, it took me around three years to complete the book. I had to manage my office, along with my teaching assigments, so it was difficult. Also, it took me quite some time to research and write.

What made you choose such an unusual title?

The title very well fits the book, as I have talked about those one billion Indians staying in one nation and that is India.

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