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By: Chikita Kukreja

About the authors

Simply Selling has been written by distinguished people who have vast experience in their own field. This book is an outcome of 20 years of experience and extensive hard work of a team of sales professionals from various nationalities.

Book Review

Are you looking for `simple selling' techniques for your business? Do you need sales training for you or your staff? Are you ready to make more money? Then this book is a must read for you.

Like a true sales manual, Simply Selling takes the reader through a detailed process of selling in a very simplified manner. Along with tried and tested exercises for sales professionals, the author also provides practical tips with factual examples from the author's' personal experiences.

The authors' question the often stated concept 'a sales person is a pushy low-life whomakes you buy things you don't want or need.' They put forth their point by making a clear statement that if you don't want it then why are you looking at it or listening to what a sales person has to say.

Simply Selling weaves in experiences from the lives of established sales professionals with a number of dos and don'ts. Agreeing to the fact that it's really tough out there in the market, the authors empathize by saying, `none of us say that selling is easy but we all definitely feel a sense of achievement and satisfaction in our sales careers.'

The author says selling is all about understanding the market, knowing your product, and couple this with the right attitude and working habits.

The little snippets that the author offers help one understand the industry better. As the chapters advance, there is a lot to learn about making sales calls, understanding the consumers mind, sales process and to top it all; how to keep your clients happy.

The authors talk about the importance of meeting deadlines and time management techniques. They portray examples to prove the significance of networking and the ways of getting to know more people who can be useful in near future.

Simply put, Simply Selling is a jargon free manual which describes the process of selling a product in this tough competitive world. It provides great deal of practical assistance to any sales person.

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