I'm A Movie Buff: Shailesh Kapoor


I begin my day

I leave home early, that is around seven in the morning. I actually sacrifice my early morning sleep to make it to the gym, which is next to my work place. At the gym it's mostly a session of calisthenics. I lug my breakfast along with me, which is mostly some light sandwiches to go along with a nice hot cup of tea from office.

My diet regime

I don't follow a strict diet, but I am definitely careful about what I eat. If I happen to gorge on sweets and desert at night, I workout even more to compensate for it the next morning. To maintain myself, I often grab some low calorie food for lunch. Dinner is one meal of the day that I look forward, as after a long days' work I am usually at peace with myself. I love non- vegetarian food; in fact I must confess that I simply can't resist it. I freak out on chicken and prawns. To dine out I love going to Tantra in Andheri, and simply relish the sumptuous kababs at Bade Miyan in Colaba.


I don't really shop much. And whenever I go shopping, I stick to branded stuff since I don't know how to bargain at all. Provogue is one brand I wear almost all the time. Apart from this, my other favourites remain Nike, Color Plus and Arrow. Since, I am not too much into shopping, I sometimes tell some of my very close friends my requirements and budget and they get it for me.

Travel Destination

I am extremely fond of travelling but unfortunately most of the time I am not able to. I normally don't like going out of India much, as I feel that India is in itself a mini globe. I had recently gone to Sikkim with a few friends. It was great fun remembering the good old days and pulling each other's leg.

Relaxing Mantra

I quite enjoy my work, so I don't really feel stressed. But after a long day at work, I love to generally relax and watch television or just chat with my friends. Watching television also keeps me well informed of all the happening around the world which is very important in our profession.

In conversation wiith Shailesh Kapoor, Head of Marketing and Content, Filmy Sahara

Gadgets and Gizmos

Being an engineer I ought to love gadgets, but I am not really a gizmo freak. I own a Sony Ericsson K750 mobile phone. I do possess a DVD player and a laptop which are basic necessities for me. Though, I don't like to buy too many of gadgets & but I but I do like to read and know more about them.

My Favourite Car

I drive the Palio which I have been driving for the last three years. And for the near future, I want to possess a Mercedes, just as every one else.

On Books

I am not too fond of books. I think reading requires a lot of devotion and time. I am more of an outdoor person. So, even when I have time on hand I do not like returning home early from work. I would much rather go out with my friends rather than sit at home and read. Sometimes I read fiction if I am ever in a mood to read. Recently, I quite enjoyed reading Richard Barker's production management book- Goal.

I have a fetish for

I have a great fetish for movies. I just love watching movies and I am a self confessed movie buff. I prefer watching more of Bollywood masala stuff rather than Hollywood. My all time favourite is Sholay. I loved watching Lagaan and from the Hollywood world, I loved Devil's Advocate. Rishikesh Mukherjee, Ram Gopal Verma and Sanjay Leela Bhansali are some of my favourite directors.

My idea of entertainment

A movie followed by an amazingly planned dinner with friends or my near and dear ones, is something that brings out the real me. This is my idea of complete entertainment.

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