'I Love Spiritual Books And Hate Management Books'


My father was very well read. He was a self made man, a real karma yogi who used to seek inspiration from books. As a child, I remember being inspired by him to read all kinds of books. l used to mostly stick to spiritual books. And being afflicted with polio on my right leg I couldn't get much into sports and so grew to be an indoor person. So, naturally I progressed towards reading and read Dan Brown, Robert Hudlum and Arthur Halley.

Then, since I was spiritually inclined I read all the religious scriptures including the Bhagwad Geeta and the Bible. I used to also read books written by Swami Vivekananda and Osho Rajneesh. Reading these books always gives me a lot of programming ideas for out channel.

Somehow, reading the Bhagwad Geeta is always very enriching. It teaches you to rise above relationships and tells you `you've got to do what you've got to do. Work is worship and that is something which will get you closer to God. And decisions ethically taken will lead you onto grow richer. Somehow, the Geeta always offers a different outlook on things at different times. And depending on the situation it sort of adds on different meanings and a perspective to things in life.

I dislike management jargon

I don't quite like management books. And there are so many of them in the market now-a-days. There are some books which suggest professional people management strategies which are individualistic and not family oriented. But then family oriented companies are still ruling the roost. So, I feel each company should work towards its own style of functioning and evolve accordingly.

I own hundreds of books most of them I've inherited. The titles range from fiction, non fiction, Finance and Law I do keep buying books, these days it does prove to be a slightly expensive hobby but it's well worth. Finding time for reading is always very difficult. I read while travelling on flights, in the car or on holidays.

I have produced a coffee table book called India 24 Hours. It was published in India and abroad by Mapin and Harper Collins respectively some years back. A beautiful book which got me a lot of recognition and was a thrilling experience. We had a team of photographers who travelled to various destinations in the country. We also shot video footage with it. Later on Harper Collins published it abroad and called it a A day in the life of India.

I've recently started penning a book called 'How not to become a pauper' seeing there are so many books on How to become a millionaire. But how does one stay a millionaire is a bigger challenge. Writing the book is actually serious fun.

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